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26 Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Want to Wear White Pants

Don't sleep on this ultra versatile piece!
26 Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Want to Wear White Pants
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Don't sleep on this ultra versatile piece!

White pants. I'm betting you're already calculating in your head the risks of wearing such an accident-prone garment, but hear me out. Though a pair of white pants is an unassuming, understated closet staple, when styled right, can give you a fresh, fashion-forward OOTD effortlessly. Still skeptical? We present to you 26 street style outfits that will convince you to wear white pants, stat.

Things To Check Before Wearing White Pants

Of course, we're not entirely dismissing how much of a stain-magnet white pants are, not to mention how tricky it is to buy and wear them. But trust us, if you keep in mind these simple things when you're out shopping for white pants, you're already halfway through to maximizing its sartorial potential.

1. Check its opaqueness.

Not all white pants are made from the same textile or crafted with the same fabric thickness, so be sure you're not baring your butt cheeks or have VPLs (visible panty lines) showing. You can easily avoid this by fitting the garment. In the fitting room, have someone check your rear transparency before heading to the cashier.


However, if it's not possible to fit whites (as some stores practice this rule), grab another solid-hued fabric (perhaps in a neutral like black, beige, or navy blue) and place it underneath the white pants to check if the darker fabric is visible through the white fabric.

2. Mind the fit.

Just like buying any other pair of pants, you have to check the fit of the trouser. As a rule of thumb, your pants should be comfortably snug, and never too tight. Additionally, it's advisable to wear a pair that elongates your frame—fabric pooling at your ankles is a big no-no as this weighs you down and makes you look shorter. Don't be afraid to alter your pants according to your height. 

3. Keep them pristine and white.

Aside from stains, nothing ruins a white pair of pants more than yellowing or a gray, dingy cast. While this is the effect of the natural wear-and-tear of this garment, you can prolong your pants' crisp white life by washing them with oxygen-based bleach and hanging the piece to dry instead of machine drying.

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Now, without further ado, here are 26 stylish ways you can style your own pair of white pants:

Ways to Wear White Pants

Color and print combinations that work

1. White + white

Look fresh 24/7 in an all-white look. Yes, wearing ivory head-to-toe may seem a little risky, but what is life if not lived on the edge, right?

2. White + Pastels


White jeans are just as versatile as your black pants. In fact, when paired with pastel hues, you're able to bring out the softness of your aesthetic without looking too feminine.

3. White + Animal print

Treat your white jeans as a blank canvas. Whatever wild print you style it with will always stand out. Got a coat you want to flaunt? Pair with cool white pants to let it shine with easy elegance.

4. White + Tie Dye

Elevate your tie-dye pieces by styling it with a fresh neutral that won't downplay its bright streaks.

5. White + Brown

These warm neutrals definitely work together to give you a chic outfit that also looks polished and well-thought out.

6. White + Blue

Wear the sky on your way to brunch or to work. Pair your favorite crisp white trousers with cool teal, cobalt, and turquoise for a youthful take on this pair of pants.

7. White + Black

Classic is always en vogue. But try to switch it up by using pre-dominantly white clothes and adding some black pieces as accents.


Tops that will always match

8. White tee

If you're stumped on what to wear with white jeans, here's an easy go-to: a graphic white tee. It's guaranteed to make you look like a street style star!


9. Black tee

Opposites attract, as they say. You can also opt for black shirts when you want a bit of an edgy vibe to your OOTD.

10. Knit sweater

If prints and bold hues are not your game, you can always up the ante with texture. Consider chunky and embellished knits when traveling to a cooler country.


11. Puff sleeves

But for dressing in the tropics, try statement sleeves like this for a feminine yet suave OOTD.

Shoes to pair

12. Low heel slides

Low heel slides are best paired with cropped, slightly skinny white jeans. This combo will instantly make your ankles appear slimmer.


13. Sneakers

Of course, for sporty gals, white pants also go well with chunky sneakers. For beginners, it's a no-brainer to pair them with white sneaks. By continuing the color story from the trouser to trainer, this combo won't stack you up despite the shoes' bulkiness.

14. Slides

This is an easy choice for straight cut, cropped white jeans. The flat slides will downplay the perceived dressy cut of the white pants.


15. Boots

Meanwhile for wide-leg silhouettes, you can try boosting your height with a pair of cool boots. Pair your shoes with the same color palette as your bag and top so your white pants stand out.

Office-friendly looks

16. Blazer

A blazer is a no-fuss piece to style with your white pants. Neutral-colored blazers will be given a splash of youthfulness and freshness when worn with white work jeans.


17. Tweed

But if you're looking for a more dressy and feminine add on to your white jeans, we suggest reaching for a pastel tweed jacket. Add pearl accessories and you're good to go!

18. Mock neck

If white T-shirts are a tad too casual for work, Renee De Guzman has an alternative: mock neck tops with boxy silhouettes. This specific cut will elevate your skinny white jeans.


19. Denim coordinates

For casual Fridays at the office, opt for something that has structure and made with party-ready fabrics. White denim co0rdinates tick all the boxes! 


20. Lightweight sweater

A light neutral-colored jumper is a must when you're in need of a casual top to pair with your white jeans. Add printed shoes to update your look!

21. Textured jacket

Leather also looks cool against a polished white lewk for the office.


Casual outfits to love

22. Wear lace.

Turn your white work trousers into an outfit worthy to wear on the weekend by heeding Jeline Catt's chic solution: Add a cutesy lace top!

23. Go for cropped everything.

For an errand-filled day spent in scorching temperatures, Bea Marin suggests you go for a cropped all-white lewk.


24. Add a sporty bag.

Ida Anduyan demos sporty dressing also fits the bill when you're wearing white pants. Just add a fanny pack!


25. Use as a swimsuit cover up.

Meanwhile Camille Co shows just how useful and versatile a white pair of pants is. They can even function as a cool suit cover up.

26. Try it in paperbag waist silhouette.

For the ultimate laidback look, consider a paperbag waist cut for your white pants. Pair with a Breton-striped top and espadrilles and you're ready to lounge at the Hamptons or the French Riviera.


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