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How to Wear a Mini Skirt Like a Fashion Girl

Score some styling tips here!
How to Wear a Mini Skirt Like a Fashion Girl
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Score some styling tips here!

If you've been paying attention to fashion trends over the past seasons, you'll notice that skirt hemlines have been seeing longer styles—below-the-knee cut, midi, and maxi lengths are all the rage recently. Hence, our mini skirts have been stuck at the bottom of our drawers for quite a while now, which made us decide to revisit why exactly we were obsessed with short skirts in the first place.

Truth be told, though: A mini skirt doesn't really go out of style. The real question is how to style it in a way that still looks refined and sophisticated. In my incessant mission to find new ways to rewear this garment, I turned to street style stars for OOTD inspo. Below, I list down some of my favorites–along with tips for you to achieve the same look.

Tips on How to Wear a Mini Skirt

1. Reach for one in white.

White has a certain freshness to it. If you're to wear white in a crisp denim form, it results in a youthful yet effortlessly refined vibe in your OOTD. To maximize its sartorial potential, a pop of color is always welcome to break the monotony–unless an all-white look is what you're going for, of course.


2. Add some texture.

Don't feel limited to ordinary fabrics or patterns. Fringe, feathers, and other textures will bring a more contemporary feel to your mini skirts. It adds character to your overall ensemble, too!

3. Wear it with sneakers for a casual twist.

Mini skirts tend to look too girly, which shouldn't always be the case. As the athleisure movement would have it, you can always pair your short skirt with some cool kicks to give your OOTD a casual twist or a more sporty vibe.

4. Wear it with a blazer.

If you're going for a more polished look, throwing on a blazer instantly does the trick. A bright, oversized blazer like this can take your mini skirt from casual to meeting-ready.

5. Balance out your mini skirt with an oversized hoodie.

Give new meaning to sporty dressing by pairing your chunky hoodie with a sweet and flirty floral mini skirt. You can totally wear this to a shopping jaunt in Hong Kong or even for a quick grocery run. The overall look strikes the perfect balance between fun and cozy.

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6. Don't be afraid to play with prints.

If you're not someone who's comfortable experimenting with wild and loud prints, a pint-sized skirt version could be your perfect entry-level piece. It's not as overwhelming compared to, say, a leopart print blazer or a pair of pants. You can easily incorporate this into your looks by pairing it with other neutral-hued pieces in your closet.


7. Turn it into a makeshift LBD.

Whether you haven't found your perfect little black dress yet or you're simply trying to find new ways to wear your black tops, here's a sleek option for you. Pair a dressy black top with a black mini skirt and tuck the top into the skirt to create a seamless cinch, transforming the black-on-black look into a makeshift LBD.

8. Don't forget about skirt suits.

Blazers tend to look especially bulky on petite girls. Balance out the volume by opting out of trousers and reaching for matching mini skirts instead. Pack a zesty sartorial punch by going for neon hues...

Or keep things soft and sweet with pastel, candy-colored pieces.


9. Dress up your casual T-shirt.

Who even said that crop tops or blouses are your only options when going out? A black (or white) tee can look just as dressy for an evening affair when paired with ruffled mini skirts. Remember to accessorize to avoid looking too plain!

10. Play down your button-down shirt.

Just as the mini skirt can help spruce up the casual tee, it can also dress down your staple office top. By pairing your mini skirt with a crisp white button-down, you'll create a laidback yet polished ensemble that's worthy enough to wear to a coffee date or to an afternoon shopping rendezvous with your best gals.

11. Choose a mini skirt with an interesting hemline.

Don't be restricted to the usual A-line, straight cut mini skirts. Asymmetric minis are equally stylish, too. They provide movement and can make petite girls look longer than usual.

12. Go for pleats.

Add more volume to your look by opting for pleated mini skirts. They're also great textures to add when you're dressing in head-to-toe beige.


13. Get them in fun coordinates.

Never worry about what to pair with your mini skirts ever again. Opt for coordinating pieces (or colors, even!) to instantly look put together.


14. Play with similar shades to your mini skirt.

If you wanna try out wearing neon colors, you can easily take loud hues down a notch by wearing a piece that is in a similar yet more subtle shade. In Jeline Catt's case, she paired an emerald mini skirt with a pistachio green long-sleeved top. Opting for similar shades make for an outfit that looks more coordinated and well put together.


15. Opt for a utilitarian chic aesthetic.

Pair a boxy skirt with your military-inspired top and cinch the waist with a thick belt. Make sure to opt for a skirt in the same color as the top to keep the look polished and a tad more formal-looking.

16. Try this mini skirt hack.

Got a mini skirt that's too short on you (a.k.a. you can't bend over or sit without feeling exposed)? Layer over a dress shirt and do a play on lengths for a cool styling hack!

17. Go for a double denim look.

Denim skirts can feel a little too casual when worn with a simple crop top. Upgrade the look by adding another denim piece to complete your effortlessly cool and urban chic look.

18. Go for a subtle print-on-print look.

If you think that wearing two (or three) prints at once can be a little too overwhelming, here's an easy trick that you can do: Shorten the hems! Consider this outfit combo: oversized blazer + bandeau top + mini skirt. One print can be the focal point of the outfit (in this case, the blazer), and the second print can be a little more subtle just to add character to the overall ensemble. 

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