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How to Wear a Maxi Dress Like a Street Style Star

Take note, ladies!
How to Wear a Maxi Dress Like a Street Style Star
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Take note, ladies!

There is a lot to love about maxi dresses: Simply put, they’re chic and comfortable. Longer skirts have been all the rage recently, and there’s just something about how the hems slightly graze the floor that looks so effortlessly stylish. What's more, they require little to no effort to style—they're basically slip on and go, perfect for hurried mornings. But don't be fooled with their ease of wear. These floor-length dresses are also an extremely versatile piece. You can easily dress them up with gilded accessories and the right pair of heels just as you can effortlessly wear them as it is on your off days. Either way, maxi dresses will make you look put together without all the fuss. 

Convinced? Now is the perfect time to look for some style inspiration to cop! As always, we're looking at the streets to give us some fresh styling ideas to cop. Here, take cues from these street style-savvy women on how to perfect those floor-length frocks and you'll be justas stylish in no time!


How To Wear A Maxi Dress

1. Pair it with tailored pieces such as a blazer.

Yes, you can wear a maxi dress to work. Since these dresses usually come in soft, flowing fabrics, balance the loose silhouette with something more tailored like a blazer. It’s also best to stick to a coherent palette—notice how she keeps everything in blush and neutrals, including her bag and mules. Tie your hair up in a bun for a more effortlessly elegant look.

2. Turn the dressiness down a notch with the right outerwear.

Here’s another lesson on contrast: a denim jacket offsets the dress’ frilly and romantic details with its rugged structure. A cropped jacket has more polish than an oversized fit.

3. Don’t be afraid to wear print.

A maxi dress provides you with a lengthy canvas—use it to show off beautiful and vibrant patterns! Case in point, Heart Evangelista’s blue and red number worn at Paris Fashion Week, paired with a red Hermès cross-body bag, and similarly printed sunglasses.

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4. Head out in all black.

The 2019 take on the little black dress? Lengthen the hems but add a thigh-high slit to add drama and flair to your silhouette. Pair it with dark specs and a classic Chanel bag.

5. Embrace your feminine side.

A classic A-line silhouette with polka dots and ruffles scream classic and delightfully old-fashioned. Get in touch with your girly side and embrace all the frills. Here, the bandeau maxi dress takes on those proud, lady-like touches.

6. Go bohemian.

This outfit will have you prepared for outdoor festivals and other tropical days. Casual maxi dresses are inherently bohemian, so take a walk on the free-spirited side and pair with boho pieces such as open-toed sandals, bracelets or a hat.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color.

This multicolored floral dress is accentuated by her bright suede boots in orange. Boots are an excellent piece that add some structure and contrast to a dress—even better if you can find a pair of shoes in one of the colors found on her dress that can tie the whole look together.


8. While you're at it, go for bold hues, too!

They make for a mean Instagram content, just ask Camille Co-Koro! A flip here and there of her fiery red max dress is all the statement you need when snapping a pic for the gram—guaranteed little styling effort to do!


You can also opt to wear 'em in pastel colors, too. Layer on the candy hues to achieve this unicorn-like outfit like Laureen Uy's. Don't be afraid to wear loose silhouettes over your maxi dress for a nonchalant vibe. 

9. Pair prints with a solid piece.

Solid patterns do disrupt and introduce some balance to busier patterns. Instead of complementing the printed dress with a jacket in neutrals, Roberta chooses to add a pop of color in vibrant red, with her purse in the exact same color.


10. Or play with prints altogether.

Older fashion rules would have told you not to pair busy patterns together, but this look works. The plaid and polka dots both share similar color palettes, Meanwhile, on the accessories front, her bag blends into the background of her overcoat, while wearing black heels anchors the outfit.

11. Be a minimalist.

Black may be the quintessentially versatile choice when it comes to clothes and dresses, but nothing breaks the monochrome better than a vibrant-colored bag and a solid pattern. Here, she tied her hair in a messy bun that kept her elegant halter dress relaxed for day.

You can also opt for a flattering silhouette like Renee De Guzman's ecru dress. The gathered pleats at her waist instantly cinches to skim her figure. The simple hue also lends itself to styling experimentations that will lead you to keep rewearing the piece.


12. Pair your maxi dress with sneakers.

Gone are the days when you could only pair dresses with sandals and pretty flats. A comfortable piece such as a cotton maxi dress deserves an equally cozy pair of sneakers, turning your look into one that's cool and casual—one of the style tips we borrowed from streetwear. The asymmetrical hem makes the outfit even more interesting. 


13. Toughen it up with a leather jacket.

A leather jacket and a maxi dress are a match made in heaven. A leather jacket lends some edge and a touch of rock 'n' roll to a dress, especially when it’s worn with black ankle boots and dark-framed sunnies. The more feminine the pattern (think florals and ruffles), the better.

14. Channel your inner godess.

Look like an ethereal tropical goddess in this basic flowing maxi dress, paired with nothing but Greek-style strappy sandals, sunglasses, and an oversized clutch. It’s the perfect outfit for vacationing on an island or walking around a small, sunny town.

15. Embrace some retro summer themes.

A dress sewn in different but related patterns, like this gingham maxi dress in alternating blue hues, adds a quirky touch to the trend. Finish off with cat-eye sunglasses in white.

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