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9 Ways to Wear Leggings

Take a look at how to stay comfy in your leggings.
9 Ways to Wear Leggings
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Take a look at how to stay comfy in your leggings.

Leggings were the offspring of the 1960’s spandex created by Joseph Shivers. Years later, designers such as Emilio Pucci and Mary Quant popularized the stretchy pants and incorporated it into casual fashion. Currently, leggings are enjoying their place in our closets as part of normcore streetstyle. And what's not to love about them? They're great for traveling or lounging around with friends, plus help make a fashion statement when needed. Though they've been worn across generations and even today, everyone from kids to our stylish lolas wear a pair of versatile leggings. 

Take a look at the way these celebrities and influencers stay comfy in their leggings. 

Head out for a casual stroll

Sarah Lahbati goes out for a stroll at the park along with the best companion. Comfort is key when you’re outdoors, especially if you’re chasing dogs around. Sarah Lahbati strayed away from regular black leggings to make the look a little more unique. Black leggings with a white polo is the definition of normcore and can make you look like you’re in a uniform unless you jazz it up with accessories or play around with colors. Take that under consideration when you want to try out the vintage tennis aesthetic that’s everywhere at the moment.   


Relaxed athleisure

Kelsey Merritt enjoys a day out along with her new puppy looking nothing but comfy. She sports plain black leggings with black running shoes and a long sleeve “boyfriend” sweater. Oversized long sleeve polos are just as comfy as your boyfriend’s hoodie. No boyfriend? No problem! Buy the largest size of the cutest athletic polo you can find or better yet, take a look at the men’s section. No need to steal someone else’s garments when you can independently purchase your own. 

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Black on black

Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour has admitted multiple times that wearing black on black is never a good idea as it’s supposedly “boring.” However, we see icons like Victoria Beckham and Isabelle Daza wear all-black ensembles and no one can say that they don’t look sublime. 


An all-black outfit is the way to go for a rushed night out. Take Isabelle Daza’s workout look as an example. Take off the cap and put on a festive jacket to turn your look from day to night.

The tourist athlete

We’ve all succumbed to wearing leggings and rubber shoes thanks to our moms who’ve packed our bags during our childhood trips, but now it’s up to us to make our own decisions. Looking good is imperative when walking around a foreign country because we all want good content for Instagram or to look presentable in family photos that our parents take every five minutes. 


Pack an ideal pair of workout leggings with geometric cuts for a bit of edge. Pair them with a denim jacket because you can never go wrong with denim. Step up your childhood rubber shoes game by going for white sneakers instead and add a subtle hint of color like Hannah Pangilinan’s baby pink sling bag which goes well with her light blue denim jacket. 

Beat the heat

Let’s get scientific for a second, black isn’t necessarily a color but it does absorb the most heat compared to any other color. Wearing tight black leggings during the summer isn’t the best feeling. Stay cool for the summer and go for a pair of gray leggings instead. Pick a white, thin flannel as a workout coverup or to match your sports bra. Last but not least, a pair of white sandals should tie the look altogether. A good ol’ pair of Birkenstocks should do the trick! 


Bring streetstyle to the stage

Yassi Pressman always exudes a stage presence through her clothing. In this photo, she rocks an orange bomber jacket that pairs perfectly well with the red wording on her sheer tank top. When it comes to color, stick to either analogous or contrasting colors to look put together no matter what. 


Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brand has inspired many clothing brands to mimic white lettering on the garter of leggings, so this look shouldn’t be too hard to mimic. Head over to your local bazaar to snag a pair! Lastly, hunt for some high rise leather boots to emit a saucy demeanour. 

Substitute your jeans for leggings

As much as we all love our denim jeans, it’s best to switch them out once in a while. Especially if you’re traveling to do some light hiking. Janine Gutierrez keeps it casual decked out in Nike but chose simple items and color blocking. A sheer white T-shirt is always a little more interesting than a regular one and allows you to show off your best sports bra. 


Her bright backpack makes up for the neutral look and her nude boots are a good steal as they’ll go with anything. Whether you wear them to the mountains or to the city, they’ll keep you looking stylish and comfy. Top off the look with some white-framed shades that fulfil the retro trend going around. 

Functional and sporty

Anne Curtis knows her stuff when it comes to looking Instagram-ready without sacrificing comfort. Her three-toned sweater matches her Nike’s effortlessly and her cherry red bag adds a good pop of color to brighten her muted look. Her blush pink coat gives the look a more smart-casual appeal that adds a classy touch to the sportiness of her shoes and leggings. This goes to show why investing in a good pair of leggings and a neutral coat is definitely worth it!


Back to basics 

Liza Soberano wore a basic outfit to Spain and it doesn’t disappoint. We’ve all worn something similar to this look because no matter how basic it is, it’ll never go out of style. There’s something so cool yet comfy about a pair of black leggings and an oversized denim jacket that convinces us to wear these two together time after time. 


Liza’s black sneakers contribute to her black monochrome look and her blue tinted sunnies go in accordance with her blue denim jacket. Tinted blue shades and denim always takes us back to the '90s when our favorite superstars would wear them on red carpets or paparazzi photos. It’s nice to see that the look still rings true 20 years later! 

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