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12 Fashion Girl-Approved Ways to Wear High Waisted Jeans

12 Fashion Girl-Approved Ways to Wear High Waisted Jeans
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High waisted jeans are genderless, flattering, and go with almost anything.

Did you think mom jeans were never coming back? Well, dear reader, think again! The common '70s trend became wildly popular again in the '00s amongst Hollywood stars. Artists and young musicians turned high waisted jeans into cool streetwear. Today, we see high waisted jeans either in the form of the '70s disco era or the late '90s early aughts hip hop revolution. High waisted jeans are genderless, flattering, and go with almost anything.

Check out how different bloggers and celebrities style their favorite high waisted denim jeans. 

1. Business casual.

Keep a blazer in the backseat of your car in case of a corporate emergency. A blazer can take your look from casual to business in a few seconds. Crop an old white T-shirt to make things feel a little undone. Add a large buckle belt to emphasize the waist and to contribute to the business feel. Accessorize with a large pendant or a gold chain to complete the look. Is she ready for a day at the office or a girl’s night out? The answer is yes. 


2. Tourist but make it fashion.

Julia Barretto has all the tourist essentials; a belt bag, jacket, shades, and a good pair of loose, high waisted jeans. Her graphic tee overlaps the ever so classic black turtleneck that every girl should own. Julia’s high waisted jeans are held up by a horse shoe buckle belt which matches the theme of her vintage cinematic shirt. The '90s cat-eye shades tie the look together and contribute some drama to the look. Think about this look next time you pack for a trip abroad. 

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3. Flared jeans are for any occasion.

Trish Pazcoguin pairs her navy- flared jeans with a loose orange turtle neck for that '70s glamour girl appeal. Her trick? The “French tuck,” as she mentioned in her caption. Tuck in a portion of your top to make you appear taller. There’s something about a baggy sweater tucked into high waisted denim that produces a cool yet effortless ambiance. 


4. Express yourself.

Liz Uy vogues down the street in her Madonna-influenced attire. Her wide hipped high waisted pants flatter her waistline and give her optimum comfort. Her attire is the best example of going all out without too much going on. Color coordinate your accessories to match the details of loud prints to keep things less distracting and more flattering. 


5. Laidback in '90s street style. 

Aisa Ipac’s airport attire is the uniform of the '90s kid. Tuck in a large tie-dye T-shirt in some faded high waisted, loose jeans for that playful yet adorable look. Of course, the attire wouldn’t be complete without ankle socks and some white bowling sneakers. Time to DIY some tie-dye! 


6. A stage-ready OOTD. 

Claudia Barretto’s patched high waisted denim are giving us bandana envy. The faded distressed denim includes a beautiful bandana style patchwork that brings back the trend started by early '00s musicians. Her dark long sleeved polo along with her sleek ankle tight heels unify her laidback rockstar outfit. 


7. Crossbreed time periods.

Ida Anduyan put together a vintage look from all our favourite eras. Let’s break down her look by the ages: Her high waisted flared jeans are clearly influenced by the '70s while her white Converse are signatures from the '80s. Ida’s striking red top screams the late '90s and, of course, you wouldn’t have been an “It Girl” if you didn’t have the Motorcycle bag from Balenciaga which has the '00s written all over it.


Don’t conform to one era! Mix and match to create your own style. After all, the beauty of fashion is that you can express yourself however you please.

8. Put on a killer heel.

Camille Co channels Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels with her body hugging high waisted jeans. Her large earrings and killer red stilettos are the perfect statements pieces to add glam to a basic outfit. Nothing says Charlie’s Angels more than boot cut jeans and ankle boots.  


9. Double up on your denim.

Look for a loose denim top you can tie over your high waisted denim. Coordinate your industrial toned denim to make it seem like a glammed up uniform. Put on some silver strapped stilettos to match your silver hoops for the full “Jenny from the block” effect. 


10. Hit the beach.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a stylist who can make us look like we effortlessly just woke up like this. But at least we can count on influencers like Angela Martinez to share their content so we can get inspiration and walk around looking just as cool. 

With the scorching heat of the summer, all we can think about is the beach so why not incorporate your beach attire with street style? Roll up your baggy high waisted jeans to show your sneakers and carry a button-up cover up in case it gets a little chilly. 


11. Don’t be afraid to go white on white.

Most girls stray away from wearing white denim. Yes, there is the risk of getting them dirty, but don’t be afraid to take that risk. Wanda Chen shows us how her contemporary ensemble is a good example of why it’s a good choice. Her two-toned white attire showcases a formal fit whereas her sneakers and cropped top serve some street style influence. Her tinted '90s shades, hoops, and socks give her look a bit more flare by adding a vintage feel. 


12. Bralette appreciation.

Joanna Eden’s relaxed star-girl ensemble showcases the right way to show off your bralette. Her sheer top accentuates her hidden lace details that are meant to be seen. Pairing a sheer top with high waisted jeans complements any bralette and helps you feel a little more secure than wearing just a bra and jeans. Joanna’s standard black ankle boots along with her earrings and choker completes her  '90s trendy look but doesn’t outshine the co-stars (her bralette and sheer top). Wear this to your next casual party for a flirty fun time!


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