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Here's Your Ultimate Style Guide to Wearing Black Shoes

Check out these non-boring ways to sport your black pairs.
Here's Your Ultimate Style Guide to Wearing Black Shoes
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Check out these non-boring ways to sport your black pairs.

If you're to strip down your shoe closet to just one perennial pair, the obvious and intelligent choice would be to keep a pair of black shoes. After all, black is a safe choice that will easily complete any outfit you wear, plus it's sure to withstand the trends that may come and go. But its versatility is both its strength and—dare we say— weakness. A pair of black shoes has the tendency to appear boring when you're not careful about the outfits you wear it with.

Hence, heed these two easy tips when you're putting together your outfits to pair with black footwear:

Styling Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Mind the color combinations.

Colors speak volumes when dressing up. That said, your neutral-colored black shoes will shine best when you think about the colors you pair them with. For example, if you need your shoes to help in accentuating rich colors in your outfit, look for its complementary jewel-toned hues like reds, blues, purples, and greens. If you need black to aid in polishing off your look, opt to match it with different shades of black and grays. But if you're after a dramatic look, team up the ebony hue with its stark contrast: white.


2. Go for updated silhouettes.

You don't need to stick to usual shoe styles! If you're reaching for another black pair, be sure there's an interesting detail so they won't look too plain.

How to Wear


For the gal who's after all-day comfort, black flats are the way to go. But don't feel restricted to just wearing them for lazy days. When styled right, a pair of black flats can make all the difference in your outfit.

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1. An all-white outfit calls for bold contrasts such as black shoes and accessories. While flat shoes give you comfort, they're not entirely the most reliable in offering a height boost. But if you opt for pointed versions, it gives the illusion of having longer legs.

2. Take a look at how Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray dons a suit. While a blazer-and-trouser combo can look too masculine, she opted to have it in a pink hue to soften the look. However, to keep it sharp, she polished up her look with a pair of black loafers.


3. Speaking of suits, a pair of black pointy-toed slides can easily tone down a printed set of coordinates without trying too hard.


Black sandals may not be your go-to choice, but hear us out! They can be dressy, too, as illustrated below.

4. Black strappy "ugly" sandals can tone down your floral dresses. Wear this ensemble to a beach party or to a brunch with your best gals!

5. Black heeled sandals go best with other neutrals, too! They can make a well put-together but relaxed outfit for the office.

6. While on the topic of office outfits, you can totally take your work blazer to a casual day out when you pair it with denim jeans and casual sandals. Slip on a black pair to keep the look refined.


Black heels are your best friend if you're after a sophisticated look. It's a classic piece you simply can't go wrong with!


7. Balance off the boxy silhouette of your blazers with slinky thin-strapped black stilts.

8. Got a basic black-and-white ensemble that needs some subtle hint of glam? Add textured black heels to up the ante of your outfit like Bea Alonzo did.

9. A heeled pair of slides is the best compromise between comfort and style. Plus, they don't look as bulky when worn with suit coords.



Perhaps pumps are the most versatile pair of black shoes you can own. They have heels for instant height boost and posture correction. They also look sleek and scream business professional. But did you know you can totally wear 'em out of the office?

10. Team up your black pumps with your LBDs or skirts with asymmetrical hem. They can give you mile-long legs instantly!


11. Remember that you can play with its silhouette and texture. Partner up your pleated skirt with mesh pumps for a more modern look.

12. Your denim jeans will get a quick upgrade if you wear them with your black pumps and office blazer.

13. A pair of black pumps can even effortlesly polish a casual T-shirt.


Boots are a little hard to wear, which is why most girls often get them in black when they do buy one. Here are cool styling tips to employ with your pairs!

14. Exude a commanding utilitarian look when you pair moss green leatherette pants with your black combat boots. You can opt to soften the look with a puff sleeve dress or continue the minimalist vibe with a cool structured blazer.

15. Tame your brightly-hued pieces with black boots. Since we live in a tropical country, we suggest you opt out of knee-high pairs and go for ankle booties, instead.


16. If you're donning your boots with an all-black ensemble, consider choosing a pair with interesting details to provide depth to your attire. The easiest option for this is looking for textured heels to set your booties apart from the rest.


While white sneakers have proven their versatility over time, we're finding ourself crushing hard on black kicks, too. They're the sleeker and edgier versions of the pristine white pairs that will give your look an instant athleisure appeal without losing your sophisticated vibe.

17. Since black sneaks are often paired with other casual fabrics, elevate the humble pair with luxe textiles like silk or satin. The result is a laidback yet plush look you can easily wear to a night of dancing or to a casual date.


18. There are two simple tricks to employ when wearing black sneakers. One, don two contrasting trends to balance it off. We suggest you try wearing prairie and puffed-sleeve dresses with black dad sneakers to get the edgy look. Two, always match your black shoes with something you're wearing (like a print on your clothes or hair accessory) or carrying (like a bag) just to tie your entire look together.

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