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This Iconic Sneaker Is Suddenly Trendy—Here Are 10 Fresh Ways to Wear It

This Iconic Sneaker Is Suddenly Trendy—Here Are 10 Fresh Ways to Wear It
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Our Instagram feeds are being flooded by a singular, iconic pair of kicks that you'll recognize at a glance: Nike's Air Jordan 1.

Sneakers have become closet mainstays since the rise of athleisure. We've seen their glorious days blossom into permanence as we hoarded sleek white pairs to ugly, chunky sneakers, and even those dad trainers from the retro years. Today, my Instagram feed is being flooded by a singular, iconic pair of kicks that you'll recognize at a glance: Nike's Air Jordan 1. I know, I know. It's not exactly new. But that's just the curious thing! We're digging up our old pairs, or perhaps copping a new one to don. My working theory is that this sudden fascination for this exact sneaker has been triggered by today's most coveted shoe: Dior Air Jordan 1. That, and Nike has actually been releasing new, cool colorways of this flat-soled retro shoe from 1985.

So, if you're thinking of getting a pair for yourself and wondering how to style this sneaker in vogue, you've come to the right place. Here are 10 fresh, cool ways to sport your fave Jordan 1s.


1. Keep it sleek and sporty with a flirty LBD.

Flaunt your gams and tushy with a ruched silk little black dress with your high top Jordan 1s. It looks totally adorable for quick errand runs as both pieces are fuss-free and easy to slip on. Take the retro feel to the next level by grabbing a baguette bag.

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2. Make it sweet, sporty, and nice.

Jordan 1s have a rep for feeling too sporty or too rugged for girls to wear. But, there's always a workaround! In this case, the right color can change the vibe of the shoe. Reach for a pair of pink Jordan 1s and put together a cotton candy 'fit!


3. Unleash the hubadera in you.

Pair your fave pair of Jordan 1s with a scanty silk top to beat the heat and flaunt your decolletage. You can opt for a pair of loose fitting jeans to get that je ne sais quoi feel or dip into the Y2K fashion and go for denim cut offs.

4. Pair with puff sleeves.

There are no rules when it comes to sneaker style combos, and here's proof. Check out this adorable puff sleeve crop top paired with colored loose jeans, and finished with minty fresh Jordan 1s. It's a good way to balance off an otherwise dainty piece on days when you feel a little more casual.

5. Lounge in them.

With us spending more days at home, why not slip on your fave pair of Jordans with your ultra comfy sweatpants? Heck, you can even easily get up and go to the grocery in this 'fit!


Alternatively, you can wear them with your fave tube top and pambahay shorts for a breezy option.


6. Wear with elevated basics.

Here's one way to polish your Jordan 1s: Wear 'em with your other closet basics. Just like Angelique Manto, who took her pair for a spin with a comfy white tank top and leatherette culottes. So cute!

7. Denim-on-denim still rules.

This particular outfit combo is tried-and-tested, but when you switch your regular shoe option with a pair of Jordan 1s, you're getting a more laidback and current 'fit you can easily wear especially on days when you "don't have anything to wear."


8. Wear it as a statement piece.

Say you're wearing a monochrome look, you can make the outfit feel new, sporty, and fresh just by reaching for a pair of Jordan 1s that come in a striking opposite hue.

9. Cozy up with your sneakers.

When you racking your brain for cute outfits to wear on especially chilly days, reach for a pullover, sweater, or perhpas a hoodie, and team your cozy top with a pair of cropped jeans. Finally, complete the look with logofied long socks and your cool retro kicks.


10. Customize it!

If you think your pair of Jordans feels a little too common or too mundane, a quick fix is to have them pimped out. We're especially swooning over this decked out pink pair!

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