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3 Unexpected Ways to Wear a Mock Neck

It's the perfect transitional piece!
3 Unexpected Ways to Wear a Mock Neck It's the perfect transitional piece!

Mock necks are the tropical girl's best replacement for a stuffy turtleneck. You can wear the two with almost the same things, but they will give you an entirely different result each time. Keep reading for some unexpected layering ideas on how to style this new closet staple!

EASY: Wear it under a summer dress.



Your summer dresses have a place in your holiday outfits if you layer them with the right things. Just wear your mock neck tops under your cleavage-baring and strapless dresses for a covered up look that isn't too prudish.

MODERATE: Stay warm and let it peek through from under a jacket.

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IMAGE Victoria Adamson via Refinery29

A mock neck's collar may look like it's at an awkward length at first, but when you layer it with anything with a different cut, you'll have an extra chic outfit in a jiffy. Wear your favorite mock neck sweaters with a structured jacket that lets it peek through from underneath for a simple street style-inspired outfit.

HARD: Wear it with a textured high-neck.


IMAGE Mango, Wendy Nguyen

Mock necks tend to look too plain when worn alone, so adding texture with a higher neck top made of tulle or ruffles will do the trick. You can do this with your crew neck tops, too, but the opportunity to wear a mock neck-turtleneck combo is too chic to pass up on.

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