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Watch: Vania Romoff Debuts Her Bridal Line

The bridal bliss continues as another designer brings us a collection of dresses fit for a fairytale wedding.
Watch: Vania Romoff Debuts Her Bridal Line The bridal bliss continues as another designer brings us a collection of dresses fit for a fairytale wedding.

They say a woman's most prized dress is her wedding gown. It should capture her persona perfectly down to the very last bead sewn into it. Taking her signature mark of clean lines and elegant silhouettes, Vania Romoff breathes life into these dresses made of timeless lace and other bridal favorites. Stripping them off the fuss and the frills, Vania delivers a line that speaks volumes with hushed details and subtle beauty. Watch the video and click on the gallery to see the full collection.

Weddings are just so magical, right? What was the last wedding you attended like?

I attended Jericho (Rosales) and Kim (Jones)’s wedding in Boracay. It was so intimate and beautiful.

You've been busy creating this bridal collection and working with other clients. How do you balance the different projects?

I have a bridal ready to wear collection and I also cater to brides who prefer custom made gowns. I have a great team actually. I have a great bridal manager, Deanne, who takes care of all our brides. I’d like to think I work extra hard too, that somehow helps. [Laughs]


Ready-made and custom are two very different creatures. How do you create something that's very distinct yet versatile enough to appeal to a bigger market?

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We like to think our brides are the women who "vow" to be different. I saw that there was this trend that majority of Filipina brides go for – elaborate beading of the bodice, embroidered everything, and the full ruffled skirt. It was beautiful but it was never something that appealed to me. I’m more of a purist, I like the classic look. I always believe that the woman should wear the dress and never the other way around. 

You're quite known for your clean lines and classic feminine notes. When trying out something different and unexpected, how do you make sure that it still appeals to a larger audience? 

I don’t do avante grade, I don’t even think my designs are necessarily "couture". I stick to what I know I love, and that has worked for me so far. When I design, I always keep in mind that in the end, the woman should feel beautiful. I think that’s the most important thing.


Do you have just one girl in mind when designing or are there many muses?

The gowns in this collection are named aptly after some of my favourite women, Carolyn (Besette), Francois (Hardy), Lauren (Santo Domingo), and so on. Each gown is inspired by them somehow.

For sure you've encountered a few brides who are very keen. How do you voice out your opinion as the designer when aesthetics clash?

I love that majority of the brides who come to me know my work. That makes it much easier. Otherwise, it’s always a very interesting and fun process between us. It has never been stressful so far.

What's the best advice you can give to a woman on her wedding day?

I’m not the best person to ask because I have never been married myself. [Laughs] But as with all women I have worked with, the key is comfort. If a woman is comfortable in her own skin, it shows. The gown should make you feel extra beautiful and then everything just falls into place!


What's next for Vania Romoff?

There is so much I want to do. But all good things take time, don’t they?

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