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Watch: Sean O'pry Sliced Mangoes For Us

He nearly ate out of the palm of our hand.
Watch: Sean O'pry Sliced Mangoes For Us He nearly ate out of the palm of our hand.

Ahead of his turn on the Penshoppe runway on Saturday, the guy in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video didn’t exactly look like our “next mistake.” Style Bible sat down with the brand's new face, Sean O’Pry, easily one of the most endearing and affable models in the business.

Sean O'Pry

Does he look like your "next mistake" in this devil-may-care rolled up denim polo over white shirt combo?

Two minutes into our chat in a Makati hotel room, the model, 25, went from interviewee to interviewer. Read on for the sweet—and sticky—transcript.

Style Bible: So we heard you just flew in from El Nido. How did you find it?

Sean O’Pry: Incredible. Have you ever been?

SB: Yes!

Sean: What did you do there?

SB: I went swimming.

Sean: That’s it?

SB: I went snorkeling.

Sean: Keep going.

SB: Island hopping...

Sean: You didn’t fish?

SB: I ate fish.

Sean: (Laughs) Did you have “Tuh-nee-soh”?

SB: Tocino?

Sean: Tocino! I love Tocino. With vinegar and soy sauce, incredible! I had a salted egg.

SB: Did you like it?

Sean: No.

SB: What else did you eat?

Sean: I had Nutella for the first time. I ate it with everything. I put it on waffles, bread…


SB: Tocino?

Sean: I didn’t try it with Tocino but that could be good though, that could be really good. (Laughs)

SB: How about banana?

Sean: You know, I didn’t have banana the whole time I was there. I had lots of mangoes. I finally learned how to cut a mango the right way. Do we have a mango in here? I’ll show you. There’s a way to cut a mango that’s perfect. (Mango arrives) Watch this.

[PR signals that our time with Sean is up]

Sean: No, give them more time!

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