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Camille Co and Liz Uy Answer the Most Common Fashion Questions

Learn from the pros!
Camille Co and Liz Uy Answer the Most Common Fashion Questions
Learn from the pros!

Today, we're learning straight from the pros as celebrity stylist Liz Uy and top fashion blogger Camille Co sit down and answer all of your fashion queries! Addressing the most common style concerns, the two discuss tricks on how to look taller, dress for the office, and even build a successful styling career.

Below, we list down 12 key topics from Camille's latest vlog. Enjoy!

How to Look Taller?

1. More than the color, you should dress for your body type.

For example, you have a short torso, wear bottoms that slightly fall lower on your body to elongate your upper half.

2. For patterns, don vertical prints to help stretch out your height.

3. Show your legs to be able to look taller sans heels.

 A few ways you can do this is by wearing shorts, mini skitrts, and high-waisted bottoms.

How to Wear Leggings?

You can easily elevate your leggings! Try pairing 'em with combat boots, oversized tees, and oversized denim jackets. You can also wear them with a blazer and a nice innerwear.

How to Style Maternity Clothes?

First off, wear clothes you'd normally wear. Second, you can wear loose clothes, wrap dresses, and learn to layer but don't skimp on maternity leggings.

How to Wear Print-on-Print?

Here are three easy ways:

1. Big prints + small prints

2. Find a common color in your garments.

3. Throw in a solid color to break the busy prints.

How to Mix and Match Colors?

1. Primary + adjacent colors (e.g. blue + violet)

2. Mix hues from the same color family, whether they're complementary (e.g. red + orange) or analogous (e.g. green + orange)

How to Dress for My Body Type?

1. Confidence is key.

"If you don't try, you won't know," says Liz, so be fearless in trying out clothes and trends. For sure, you'll be able to pull off anything!

2. For those who are conscious of big arms, try wearing pieces that have unique details to pull the attention away from your arms.

Think ruched sleeves or bell sleeves. If you like to wear sleeveless tops, on the other hand, be sure to wear thin straps as thick ones will make your arms look thicker, too.


3. If you want to hide your puson, Liz advices to wear baby doll dresses or an empire cut dress.

Avoid bondage dresses that will emphasize your tummy area. You can also sport high-waisted pieces or A-line skirts.

4. To avoid looking bulky, always emphasize your waist to create curves and shapes.

"Wear a belt," Liz says.

5. Vertical prints, wide leg jeans, and strategically-placed dark colors can help slim you down.

Additionally, mind the cut and silhouette of your clothes so you won't look bulky and lumpy.

6. Stick to your perfect fit so you don't look larger than your actual size.

7. Assess your body and learn your strengths and weaknesses.

If you're conscious about one part of your body, then "flaunt something else." You can choose what you show to the world.

8. If you've got broad shoulders, choose pieces that will balance the silhouette of your body.

Try blazers or puff sleeves, V-neck tops, or straight-cut pieces.

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9. Let's talk about your chest.

If you're flat chested, you can rely on nipple tapes or silcone pads to give yourself some cleavage. If you've got bigger boobs and don't want to emphasize them, wear tops that will cover your chest area and couple it with other eye-catching details to steer the eyes away from your breasts.

10. If you want to cheat your way into having an hourglass figure, Liz and Camille suggest you wear pieces with more volume, like flowy frocks.

I'm a Minimalist. How Can I Be More Stylish?

Mind the silhouette and details (like texture) and always acessorize.

How to Layer Clothes When Traveling to Cold Places?

Chunky knits can make you look bulky so it's best to learn how to layer smart. Here are a few ways:

1. Invest in nice top coats to help you look put together.

2. Look at the material and choose those that can guarantee better insulation before purchasing.


3. Wear thermals. Camille shares her tip: Layer nude-colored thermals under your textured hosiery. No one will ever know!

How to Find My Personal Style?

1. Know your personality.

2. Don't be afraid to experiment until you find the one that truly resonates with you.

3. Your style is forever evolving.

4. Dress as you like, how you feel, and make sure you're comfortable.

Closet Staples for Every Girl?

1. A white shirt

2. A straight cut or bootcut jeans

3. A blazer

4. A classic pair of pumps

5. A nice and well-fitting underwear

How to Dress If I'm Petite?

1. Try asymmetrical jumpsuits or those that already have a cinched waist.

2. Show some skin (but balance it off) so the fabric won't engulf your frame.

3. Always mind the fit and silhouette.

What's a Stylish Outfit I Can Wear to Work and Then to a Dinner?

1. A tank top

2. A blazer

3. A pleated midi skirt

4. Pumps

5. A cute tote

Then just remove the blazer, switch to strappy sandals and clutch, add a pretty necklace, and you're good to go!


How to Start and Succeed as a Stylist?

1. Experience is everything.

2. Read and research.

3. Be persistent, consistent, and professional.

4. Do and deliver. It's easy to "want" to be a stylist but it's different from being able to execute a vision.

5. Learn how to build and treasure rapports. 

Got everything? Watch the full video below to see if you missed anything!

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