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Vote for Your Favorite Fashion Trend of 2016

Let's review what happened in the world of fashion.
Vote for Your Favorite Fashion Trend of 2016
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Let's review what happened in the world of fashion.

The year has passed by so fast and with it, many fashion trends have come and gone as well. So before you completely look forward onto 2017's sartorial swing, let us know which mania you were obsessed with last year. 

From chokers and slip dresses of the '90s, to velvet and off-shoulder everything to the continued reign of athleisure, maybe your pick might just transcend to live another season in fashion. Take the poll below: Which 2016 fashion trend do you love the most? Click on the image to vote!



An accessory from the nineties, chokers easily upgraded outfits from bland to edgy.

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Wearing velvet just for evening affairs officially becaume a myth. This luxe fabric is the newest texture we're obsessed with!

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Slip Dress

Also from the nineties, the slip dress got a revamp last 2016. It's an easy and lazy article you can endlessly layer atop your plain tees and tops.

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Off-shoulder tops

We called it! Off-shoulder is one of the memorable trends gifted to us in 2016. Dainty with a twinge of your inner hubadera, this is a style we can't get enough of.

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Once considered an ugly shoe, mules have become a quick favorite amongst fashion insiders. What's not to love? They're easy to wear and less painful than your sky-high heels.

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Statement sleeves

Your tops have been updated with billowy sleeves that are definitely a conversation starter!

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Block heels

Since the rise of sneakers, we have opted to wear shoes that won't crack our heels and numb our toes. But when you need some height boost, blocked heels are your new best friend.

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Bomber jacket

Keep nailing the off-duty, street-savvy look with the perfect pair of bomber jacket. Embroidered, satin, silk or patched, these jackets are very versatileit all depends on your mood!

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A great alternative to skirts and pants, culottes offer a chic way you can go about your day looking great and feeling comfortable.

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Thanks to Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, it's now acceptable to wear gym clothes on the street.

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