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You may now save articles for later! Slams Bloggers for Paid Appearances and Borrowed Clothes

And this is what the bloggers had to say about it. Slams Bloggers for Paid Appearances and Borrowed Clothes
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And this is what the bloggers had to say about it.

Releasing a round-up on the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week, touched on topics like the new Milanese fashion vibe, the Gucci revolution, and some criticism on blogger behavior. This controversial article sent the internet abuzz with statements like:

"So yes, Sally, the professional blogger bit, with the added aggression of the street photographer swarm who attend them, is horrible, but most of all, pathetic for these girls, when you watch how many times the desperate troll up and down outside shows, in traffic, risking accidents even, in hopes of being snapped." - Sarah Mower, Chief Critic

"It’s not just sad for the women who preen for the cameras in borrowed clothes, it’s distressing, as well, to watch so many brands participate. No coincidence that Versace and BV are two houses that don’t play the game." - Nicole Phelps, Vogue Runway Director

"Am I allowed to admit that I did a little fist pump when Sally broached the blogger paradox? There’s not much I can add here beyond how funny it is that we even still call them “bloggers,” as so few of them even do that anymore. Rather than a celebration of any actual style, it seems to be all about turning up, looking ridiculous, posing, twitching in your seat as you check your social media feeds, fleeing, changing, repeating . . . It’s all pretty embarrassing—even more so when you consider what else is going on in the world." - Alessandra Codinha, Fashion News Editor


With the release of the article, it took only moments for bloggers to fire back at the publication. First of those being our very own Bryanboy.

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Susie Bubble took to Twitter to release a series of rants.


Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes joined in on the discussion, too.

Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea gives her two cents, too.

Singer and model Caroline Vreeland posted a lengthy question on her Instagram page.


Our cover girl got in on the action, too! 

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below! 

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