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Vintage-Inspired Looks We're Copping From Laureen Uy, Lauren Reid, and Chi Gibbs for Our Next Night Out

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Vintage-Inspired Looks We're Copping From Laureen Uy, Lauren Reid, and Chi Gibbs  for Our Next Night Out

Wearing vintage clothing has never been more popular here, what with so many stylish people showing off their ukay-ukay finds on their IG feeds. Influencers, in particular, are major purveyors of the trend, and we spotted some of our favorite ones wearing vintage-inspired outfits at the Party Like It’s 19XX: The Johnnie Walker Vintage Design Pack Collection Launch. At the event, influencers Laureen Uy, Lauren Reid, and Chi Gibbs not only got to express their personal style through clothing but also by ordering whisky just the way they like it. Below, we culled their classic ensembles and reveal their personal take on their style, for both fashion and their favorite way to enjoy whisky:

1. Laureen Uy

Try oversized co-ords and chunky accessories for a colorful ‘80s look.

The fashion blogger and ukay queen stood out in a colorful ensemble you would definitely see in ‘80s movies. But her oversized co-ords and chunky accessories aren’t a far cry from her actual style. “[My style is] a little bit street and edgy, but may chicness pa rin.” Like her outfits, she likes her whisky with a fresh spin to it. “I like it semi-citrusy.”'

2. Lauren Reid

Pair a simple maxi dress with a cute hair accessory, like a beret.

Lauren donned a simple yet elegant polka dot maxi dress and punctuated the ‘40s look with a beret, red lipstick, and a whisky on the rocks. While this model would never sacrifice her comfort for style, she still manages to look effortlessly trendy. “It has to be comfortable. If I'm comfortable, then I'm confident, and if I'm confident, I [know I’ll] look good.”

3. Chi Gibbs

Don't be afraid of texture when going for a '70s vibe.

It’s back to the ‘70s in this laid-back look. Our favorite cool girl styled classic bell bottoms with a velvet top, tall clogs, and rose-colored sunglasses. But this look isn’t too far off from her actual style. “My style is definitely vintage-inspired. I’m drawn to anything from the ‘70s and the ‘80s—a mix of those always.” And just like her style, she likes her whisky bright and easy. “I love mixing whisky with other things. There’s this drink, I think it’s a version of a high ball, but with a fruity apple taste. That’s my favorite way to drink whisky.”

4. Marga Bermudez

Punctuate a low-key outfit with a statement piece.

The singer’s suede jacket and corduroy trousers are an homage to the ‘70s. The best part about this look? She didn’t have to stray away from her personal style to achieve it. “[It’s] random. I like layering things and if I wear [something simple], I always have to have an accent piece.” True enough, the musician styled her outfit with a pair of round sunglasses, giving the outfit the kind of flair she likes in her whisky. “I'm drinking a high ball right now, and I love it because there's a meringue in it. I like mixing my whisky with something sweet.”

5. Stevie Eigenmann

Go for an oversized blazer in a cream color for a cute '80s look.

Stevie paired her mini dress with an oversized blazer—a subtle nod to ‘80s dressing. But the look still stays true to her fashion sense: “Kind of beachy but super casual.” And like her straightforward style, she likes her whisky neat or on the rocks.

6. Anika Almeda

Wear a little black dress for a timeless look—just switch up the silhouette to fit a certain decade.

Anika swears by LBDs and considers them to be timeless pieces in her collection. “[It] goes with anything.” For the party, she sported a ‘90s satin slip dress and kept her accessories to a minimum. “I personally think [my style] is classic. I believe that less is more. You don't have to put on too much. Simplicity is key.” And just like her style, she’s also a no-fuss kind of girl when it comes to her whisky. “I just like it simple. On the rocks.”

The Johnnie Walker Vintage Design Pack is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide while supplies last. Learn more about Party Like It’s 19XX and the Johnnie Walker Vintage Design Pack by following Johnnie Walker on Facebook and Instagram.



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