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Matt Gozun styled the superstar comedian for his sold-out concert.
VICE GANDA'S STYLIST REVEALS WHO MADE HIS WARRIOR, GODDESS AND 'POGI' OUTFITS Matt Gozun styled the superstar comedian for his sold-out concert.

Marking his 15th year in show business, Vice Ganda fired up Araneta Coliseum once again as he held another record-breaking concert, Vice Gandang Ganda Sa Sarili, last May 24. Dubbed the biggest concert of the year, the host comedian’s sold-out performance also featured bold and fashion-forward costumes designed by local designer extraordinaires including the likes of Rajo Laurel and Furne One. And seeing how his fab #OOTDs made rounds on Instagram, we just couldn’t help but zoom in on the wardrobe details.

Style Bible had a chat with Matt Gozun, one of Vice’s stylists during his blockbuster concert, and he shared all the juicy details about Vice Ganda’s concert outfits.


From "Vice Ganda" to "Vice Pogi"

Hi Matt! We heard you styled Vice Ganda during his concert.

I co-styled the concert with his other stylist Aaron Mangsat, his Showtime stylist. 

Can you share with us how it was like working with this superstar comedian? How long have you been styling him?

I’ve known Vice for about three years or so, and I started styling him for Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV) since late 2014. Of course, there's pressure ‘cause we’re friends and I don't want to disappoint him. But to be given the chance to style him for this major event shows that he trusts me! Hashtag bongga. (Laughs) 

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Costume sketches by Furne One (left) and Rajo Laurel (right)

We saw photos from the concert and they look great! Who designed his costumes?

For the opening, Vice wore a custom Rajo Laurel gold and fully embellished catsuit and a 40-foot sheer coat that truly made him look like a goddess. For the second act, the look was "Vice Pogi" with a leather jacket, white V-neck shirt, aviator shades, and Valentino booties. For the third act, which was "Trojan Warrior," we were happy to have Furne One design that red warrior, goddess-y number. The reveal act was by Anthony Ramirez, which was a black t-back tanga, and the finale outfit was by Paul Cabral which featured a skull detail on the train of the ball gown.  

Can you tell us more about the process? Did he specify what he wanted or was it more like a collaboration between you and the designer?


We had a month to plan all of the outfits, and in reality, that’s not a lot of time but we managed to pull it off. It was definitely a collaboration between me, Aaron, Vice, and all the designers. Happy to work with the best in the industry! 

Vice Ganda in a glitzy Rajo Laurel number donning bombshell waves


Vice Ganda’s known for his bold fashion statements. What do you think made these looks different compared to the ones from his previous concerts?

Well, according to Vice himself, this concert is the most polished and sophisticated. He said it’s also the most cohesive compared to the ones before, so I’ll take his word for it. But honestly, I think we took this concert to another level. He's just not a comedian anymore, but also total performer. He’s a popstar!

How did the costumes reflect his individual style?

This concert really showcased his individual style. Because as we all know, he can easily put on a blonde wig with soft curls and be a glamour girl, or have brushed up hair and be in something androgynous. There's no stopping his sense of style. It's limitless.


Vice transformed into an edgy princess for the finale wearing a Paul Cabral creation.

Speaking of which, can you tell us more about his style? Who are his favorite designers? Where does he go shopping?

His style constantly evolves, from wearing silver Prada pumps one day and Versace high top sneakers the next. It all depends on his mood. He is a chameleon and he’s not afraid to wear clothes from young designers. He is very supportive of all local designers and also the fashion greats like Rajo, Paul Cabral, Michael Cinco, and the list goes on and on.

Describe his typical lazy day #OOTD.

When you're Vice Ganda, you can't have a lazy day #OOTD. You gotta kill it everyday! 

Photos courtesy of Matt Gozun

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