Vern and Verniece Enciso's Style Evolution Will Make You Want to Level Up Your Wardrobe StyleBible Preview

Vern and Verniece Enciso's Style Evolution Will Make You Want to Level Up Your Wardrobe

They shared their best fashion tips!
Vern and Verniece Enciso's Style Evolution Will Make You Want to Level Up Your Wardrobe

Sisters, vloggers, fashion influencers, and not-twins Vern and Verniece Enciso made their mark in the industry when they started their first-ever blogs “Shoe Tale” and “Verniece Enciso” in 2010. Now, the fashion mavens and entrepreneurs maintain a joint vlog, VernVerniece Enciso, own their own fragrance brand, VV & Co., and upgraded their fashion sensibilities.

The two developed a taste for fashion in different ways. “My mom would always dress my sister in these frilly dresses as a kid, but I would always prefer comfortable shirts,” Vern explained. Verniece, on the other hand, had always been fascinated by fashion as a kid. She would even cry when she couldn’t wear certain dresses.

So, it came as a surprise when their entrance into the fashion industry started with Vern. What began as fun experiments with her personal style back in college led her to start her first ever fashion blog. Verniece got in on the action after being inspired by her sister. As someone into fashion, photography, and blogging, a fashion blog to express her love for style came as the natural next step.

Those days, Vern experimented with different trends. “I would wear a million colors and trends all in one outfit!” she exclaimed. Meanwhile, Verniece was known for her signature girly OOTDs. “If you have been following me for a while, you have seen my Barbie phases—pinks and tulle!” Verniece revealed.

But their styles have changed since. Traveling, meeting people from all walks of life, and seeing their favorite style icons on social media made a big impact on their ever-changing fashion sense. The ladies now don more classic, structured looks, and are known for their twinning ‘fit posts. But in every outfit, Vern and Verniece always showcase their unique and individual personalities.

“At present, I like to try trends here and there, but you would always see me in something very structural and put together. I don’t like accessorizing so much and dainty pieces are a staple for me. I used to love neutrals, but now I’ve been incorporating colors into my outfit.” Vern revealed.

While Vern is shifting towards colored palettes, Verniece is leaning the other way. “Now that I'm in my mid-20s, I'd like to say that my style is still feminine with touches of ‘Mini-Verniece,’ who loved to accessorize and glam up. But I'm now slowly transitioning to neutral colors and structured pieces,” she shared.

The present pandemic has also influenced their style. First of all, being mostly indoors has led them to rely more on the internet to stay in the know with the latest fashion trends.

“I’m easily connected through PLDT Home’s very reliable internet. I could easily research what I can wear for the day! Plus, I have social media favorites that I follow to inspire me—not just with fashion but with home, travel, and the like,” Vern shared.

Aside from tossing their heels for flats and choosing more functional, comfortable clothing like dresses and breezy co-ords, they have also been more supportive of sustainable fashion. “As cliche as it sounds, making small acts of change will make a big difference,” Verniece explained. “I'm glad that a lot of fashion brands nowadays are making conscious efforts to practice sustainability in their operations, like using recycled materials and fiber crops.”

Vern shared that the pandemic has taught her not to hoard clothes as she would before, but to invest in quality staples that can last her years. She also talked about their support for local beauty brands. “It’s amazing how they thrived in the middle of the pandemic, and we Filipinos surely love our own,” she said.

These days, you’ll find sisters keeping busy elevating themselves through their favorite form of self-expression, aka fashion. Through online channels like their IG, YouTube, and Tiktok accounts, they continue to share their love for fashion with others. Shopping for trendy yet affordable online finds has even become their new guilty pleasure.

For aspiring fashion girls who want to stay updated with current trends despite the pandemic, here’s some advice from the fashionistas:

“Download Pinterest and watch YouTube videos that give style tips. It’s amazing how fast information gets around nowadays. Follow fashion influencers, too. You don’t have to leave your house just to get inspired. Thanks to our internet connection with PLDT Home, we can be inspired, be more creative, and learn new fashion styles even while we’re home.”

Here's the thing: Like Vern and Verniece, it's easy do things better with the power of a fast and reliable connection at home. Watch this PLDT Home video to learn more:

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