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Vania Romoff: Fall 2012

The PEFTA pioneer batch member on where she is now and where she sees herself in the future.
Vania Romoff: Fall 2012 The PEFTA pioneer batch member on where she is now and where she sees herself in the future.

What has kept you busy since your PEFTA debut?

I worked hard to establish myself in Manila. I opened shop in Paseo de Magallanes and have since been working on several projects. I displayed exclusive pieces for Tint in Rockwell, tried my hand at export, as well as did shows in Seattle and New York. Currently, I have moved into my new atelier at LPL Towers in Makati, returned to Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) last season (my last show was in 2009), joined an international trade show, and am in the process of distributing my pieces through stockists around Asia, as well as through Aranaz and’s Designer Row.

Has your design aesthetic shifted from what we saw from you in the beginning?

I wouldn’t say it did drastically. But I have always had a strong point of view when it comes to my design aesthetic. That never changed, although like every designer I strive to grow more and refine my techniques.


How would you say you have evolved thus far?

As I slowly try to expand my career, I think I have a better sense of management. I take everything a step at a time, whereas before I would dive into everything I could get my hands on and as a result spread myself too thin. Same goes with my design process—I think I’m more focused somehow.

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Bridal is fast becoming a big part of your business. How do you plan to expand this segment?

My brother, Anthony, who is also a fashion designer based in Cebu, has been doing weddings for quite sometime now and I thought who better than to collaborate with than my mentor and sibling. We have very similar tastes and approaches to design, plus it’s just so much more fun and easy to work with your family. We’ll be doing both made-to-order and ready-to-wear bridal gowns.


What else can we look forward to from Vania Romoff?

I will be joining PFW regularly now, [with] maybe 30-piece collections instead of 10 pieces. Always baby steps. I don’t believe in overnight success. All good things take time. And, like in fashion, I find that nothing is worthwhile when rushed.

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