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These Local Celebs Are Intentionally Wearing Their Bikini Tops Upside-Down

These Local Celebs Are Intentionally Wearing Their Bikini Tops Upside-Down
IMAGE instagram/sueannadoodles, michelledyy
No kidding! It's the swimsuit trend that's been taking over Instagram.

In today's episode of "Instagram trends we didn't see coming," celebs and influencers have come up with a new creative way to wear their bikinis, and you'll never guess what it is! Ladies and gents, say hello to the upside-down bikini trend.

The correct way to pull off this trend is to wear your bikini the incorrect way. Yup, you read that right! Imagine yourself fumbling with the long spaghetti straps of your brand new triangle bikini, only to end up accidentally wearing the top inverted—except this time, you're doing it intentionally. 

Want to try it out for your next swimsuit OOTD? Find out more details below.

What Is the Upside-Down Bikini Trend?

The sudden popularity of the upside-down bikini trend can be traced back to the Kardashians, particularly Kendall Jenner, who posted photos of her inverted bikini moments while on vacation back in March 2020. Soon after, her sisters, from Kourtney Kardashian to Kylie Jenner, caught on and posted their own spin on the swimsuit trend. It didn't take long for other influencers to follow suit. In fact, the most recent international celeb to hop on the bandwagon was Hailey Bieber in her bright orange number.


upside down bikini trend kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner
PHOTO BY instagram/kendalljenner
upside down bikini trend kourtney kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian
PHOTO BY instagram/kourtneykardash
upside down bikini trend hailey bieber
Hailey Bieber
PHOTO BY instagram/haileybieber

Since the trend surfaced online, there's been a sudden demand for upside-down bikini tops, which explains why swimsuit brands have started coming up with their own versions. So don't be surprised in case you spot inverted bikini tops while shopping in the swimwear section. Chances are, that's totally intentional!


Filipina Celebrities Wearing the Upside-Down Bikini Trend

Of course, our local celebrities and influencers weren't oblivious to the cool new swimsuit lewk, coming up with their own take on the trend.

1. Angelina Cruz

The Gen Z actress was the latest to jump on the inverted bikini train. Her set comes in the prettiest cornflower blue shade, and we love how she matched it with a sheer white sarong skirt for a subtle cover-up.

upside down bikini trend angelina cruz
PHOTO BY instagram/angelinaisabele

2. Michelle Dy

The YouTuber took the sultry route and showed off her svelte figure in a neon yellow number. Just like her many other hubadera aesthetic bikini OOTDs, she easily slayed this one, too!

upside down bikini trend michelle dy
PHOTO BY instagram/michelledyy

3. Kylie Verzosa

Kylie went on a "coffee run" wearing a black bikini that's anything but boring, rendered in a deliberately inverted design that the beauty queen effortlessly pulled off.

upside down bikini trend kylie verzosa
PHOTO BY instagram/kylieverzosa

4. Nadine Lustre

Ever the trendsetter, Nadine's take on the look was outside the box. The actress incorporated the trend into her street style game and wore her upside-down bikini over a white corseted top with mesh sleeves. So cool!

upside down bikini trend nadine lustre
PHOTO BY instagram/nadine

5. Rei Germar

Rei is another proof that the trend can be worn beyond the beach. Check out how she wore her inverted bikini top underneath her boxy black blazer and matching mini skirt.

upside down bikini trend rei germar
PHOTO BY instagram/reigermar

6. Sofia Andres

Sofia certainly pulled off this bright orange number from Jacquemus, which is the exact bikini top that was also spotted on Hailey Bieber.

sofia andres upside down bikini jacquemus
PHOTO BY instagram/iamsofiaandres

6. Sue Ramirez

Another certified beach babe is Sue, whose seemingly obsessed with wearing her bikini upside-down. She definitely pulled off the trend here with her lavender abstract print swimsuit from Black Bough Swim.

PHOTO BY Instagram/sueannadoodles

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