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10 Unique Wedding Veils For the Modern Bride

Complete your wedding outfit with these one-of-a-kind veils!
10 Unique Wedding Veils For the Modern Bride
Complete your wedding outfit with these one-of-a-kind veils!

The bridal look is one of the most awaited reveals in a wedding. What the bride wears gives us a glimpse of her personality and overall aesthetic. Some would even use their bridal outfit as the main focal point in their nuptials, with the frock setting the tone of the celebration.

Apart from the wedding gown, we also zoom in on bride's accessories like shoes, jewelry, and even the bouquet! But, here's an oft overlooked bridal accessory: The veil. Below, we round up 10 unique and equally stunning veil inspirations you can use when it's your turn to tie the knot!

1. Colorful blooms

Here's a nice way to incorporate flowers into your wedding. Plain veils will look visually stunning when adorned with colorful and vibrant flowers like this. Imagine a trail of blooms following you as you walk down the aisle! What a lovely sight!

2. Embroidered

If you want a more subdued and delicate take on the flowers, you can always keep the embellishments just on the veil's hem. You'll still have the same dramatic effect!


You can also keep the details in tiny but intricate design. Just take a look at this custom made Gabbie Sarenas veil worn by Paulina Ortega on her special day. This fits the bill for brides who like understated elegance.

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Joseph Pascual

3. Sparkly

Who says your veil can't make you sparkle, too? Shimmering veils like this will add an eye-catching flair on the aisle, as well as on the reception's dance floor!

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4. Pleated

Now, if you're a a fuss-free, minimalist bride but wants a one-of-a-kind detail on your wedding look, opt for a pleated veil. This type of veil will get you the same captivating, head-turning look, minus the overdone sequin deets.

5. Dotted

Meanwhile, if you're a gal who loves prints, you don't need to let your pattern-loving self take a back seat at your own wedding! Add an adorable dotted veil into your wedding outfit to give it a nice pizzazz without going overboard. For a unique touch, dot your veils with swarovksi crystals that will catch light and glimmer both IRL and on photos! No need for the Kira Kira app, for sure!


6. Pearls

Wearing pearls is a long-lived tradition we've grown accustomed to, thanks to the Greeks. Pearls are believed to take away the bride's tears and promote marital harmony. They symbolize love and happiness, and having them on your wedding will bring your marriage success and overflowing joy.

But if wearing a string of pearls as a necklace or having some pearl studs adorn your ears are not your cup of tea, you can easily go for a pearl-laden veil to honor this grand tradition!


7. Blush Pink

Adding a touch of pink to your wedding gown is possible without it taking the attention away from your beloved dress. Just take a look at this delicate blush pink veil!

8. Something Blue

If you're stumped as to how you can uniquely incorporate your something blue into your wedding day, try to wear a pastel blue veil! It's subtle but looks elegant, don't you think?

9. Short and sweet

If you're opting for a small wedding, perhaps you're marching down the courthouse to tie the knot, you can still wear a cute veil! Case in point is this adorable retro-inspired veil decorated with a cute ribbon and a dainty heart print.

10. Beribboned

Speaking of ribbons, you can also opt for bows to complete your simple bridal look. Shoulder-length tulle veils like this will look extra sweet with a large satin ribbon. 

You can also create a larger-than-life tulle ribbon to adorn your hair, if you're after a more ethereal look.


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