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10 Unique Touches for Your Bridal Entourage That Make for a Memorable Experience

It’s all in the details!
10 Unique Touches for Your Bridal Entourage That Make for a Memorable Experience
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It’s all in the details!

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or pinning ideas on your bridal board, it’s most likely that the extent to which you’ve thought about your bridal entourage would be the designs of their gowns. However, the experience of your bridesmaids is much more than what they wear. It encompasses everything from the moment they enter the venue, to getting their hair and makeup done, to the kind of bouquet they’ll be holding down the aisle. That said, if you want your bridesmaids to have the ultimate wedding experience, here all the special touches you could do to make that happen:

1. If your bridesmaids’ gowns follow a “mismatched” theme, why don’t you go with those assigned colors for their "getting ready robes"? Or, you could always just stick to the wedding’s color palette!

Make those robes more extra by having the back embroidered with cute bridesmaid-related words (like “ride or die,” “bride squad”) or simply their names!

2. If robes are too common for you, you can opt for pajamas or lounge sets instead that give off a playful vibe. Picking out luxurious fabrics like silk or satin will give the ensemble an elegant feel.

For something cool girl-worthy, we personally like these oversized PJ’s with embroidered initials… It reminds us of that iconic Peter Lindbergh photo for Vogue!

3. Obviously, you’ll need to hang all those pajamas and robes, so why not have those hangers personalized as well? Your gals will be in for a surprise! You can have their full names engraved or just their initials.

4. If you're treating your bridesmaids to getting their glam done on your big day,  you could make the experience even more meaningful with their own personalized cosmetic bags. It’s something they can use even after the wedding!

5. Now, let’s move on to the ensemble itself. If your wedding’s theme is on the fun and playful side, giving personalized denim jackets as gifts is both a unique and welcome idea. It’s not just something that looks IG-worthy, they can use this for when the weather gets chilly in the evening given the time and venue of your wedding.


6. Aside from dresses, one thing that can differentiate the bride from her entourage would be the bouquets. Consider adding ribbons or other unique details around the bouquets and choose a color specifically for your bridesmaids. 

7. You can also go for a different kind of bouquet altogether. Fans are a great alternative and will look especially amazing if your wedding follows a Filipiniana theme.

8. For something totally unique, consider “hoop bouquets” for your bridesmaids. You can match the metal to your color palette (gold for warm tones, silver for cool tones), and select flowers that will complement your bridal bouquet.

9. Now, here’s something perfect for destination weddings or those with a summery theme: wicker bags. Your bridesmaids won’t  need to carry a clutch anymore! They'll surely thank you for it. 

10. Once the ceremony is over and you’re ready to snap some pics, elevate the quick pictorial session with cute balloons your entourage could hold. An Instagrammable sight indeed! This works best for outdoor weddings.

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Cool ideas, right? Which details are you eyeing for your wedding?


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