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Uniqlo Will Soon Dispense Clothes from Vending Machines

Uniqlo Will Soon Dispense Clothes from Vending Machines
IMAGE Uniqlo

Welcome to the future, kids. Japanese retailer Uniqlo is out to redefine airport fashion, announcing plans to start selling apparel from vending machines!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Uniqlo intends to open at least 10 of these vendos by the end of August, targeting high-foot-traffic cities as the specific market. There's no news yet as to which items will be available inside the machines exactly, though "heat-retaining shirts and lightweight down jackets" packaged in boxes and cans have been mentioned.

Jetting off somewhere but forgot to bring warm clothes? Uniqlo's got your back. "At the airport, you don’t have a lot of time to wait in line and explore a store," the brand’s U.S. marketing chief Marisol Tamaro explained to WSJ, noting that the convenience of simply punching a button or two to obtain the items will be a major selling point for hurried travelers. "We’re trying to understand where we can be more successful without making a big commitment."


Fast fashion really is getting even faster. We can't wait to see how this'll turn out!

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