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The Nominees For The Emojis of 2016 Are...

Finally, a BACON emoji.
The Nominees For The Emojis of 2016 Are... Finally, a BACON emoji.

Emoji represent the signs of the times and when new ones enter the scene, you know culture’s taking a swerve. The Unicode Consortium, the organization that standardizes emoji characters and icons across all the various operating systems, has released 38 proposed new emojis for 2016. What’s in store? Health buff fave avocado, Cara Delevigne fave Bacon, and Kim K fave Selfie (how’s that going to look like?).



(Image via Refinery 29)

According to Refinery29, Unicode will also make some changes with a few current emojis such as the “tearful crying face” which is apparently a “sleepy face” and that angry face you send out to your besties, well, that’s a “look of triumph”. Guess we’ve been sending out the wrong message.

Unfortunately, our hopeful fashionista hearts won’t be getting those Anna and Karl emojis we’ve been pining for. *Tear face*

Click here to see the full list of candidates, ranked by Refiner 29.

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