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8 Effortless "Ulzzang" Outfits to Try If You Want to Achieve the Aesthetic

The assignment is to look good and put on your "best face"—here are outfits that will help you ace it!
8 Effortless "Ulzzang" Outfits to Try If You Want to Achieve the Aesthetic
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/hoooooyeony, jennierubyjane
The assignment is to look good and put on your "best face"—here are outfits that will help you ace it!

Korean culture has permeated so deep into every aspect of our lives that it’s practically inescapable. Our Spotify playlists and Netflix queues have caught the K-fever, with no language barrier capable of stopping us from perpetually tuning in. The K-wave has also breached into our wardrobes, and one aesthetic worth trying are ulzzang outfits. At this point, you may be asking yourself, “what’s an ulzzang, and how do I dress like one?” You might even be going, “why would I want to dress like one?”

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PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/jennierubyjane

For starters, ulzzang is a Korean slang term for "best face." It gained popularity in the late 90s, with the rise of social networking site Cyworld, and the widespread use of digital cameras. Many young people (including some celebrities like BLACKPINK's Jennie and actress Park Han Byul) would take photos of themselves all dolled up and upload them online for other users to judge and vote for.

Clothing-wise, simple sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans signify an ulzzang outfit. It meshes together components of academia style with casual staples such as denim and plaid, with the occasional addition of streetwear elements. In essence, almost any outfit can be considered ulzzang-worthy. The aesthetic is pretty universal, and you can totally recreate it with pieces you probably already have in your closet—proof that it's all about how you sell it. If you still need to see how it’s done, scroll on and pick up some styling tips on how to achieve the ulzzang vibe.

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8 ideas for ulzzang outfits you'll want to try on ASAP

1. Sweater + Collared Shirt + Plaid Skirt + White Sneakers and Socks + Sling Bag

The school-girl look is a go-to option that's as timeless as it is effortlessly cute. Wear it in a monochromatic theme for some added flair. Tip: Detachable collars are available online, so you don't actually have to wear a full on collared shirt underneath your pullover!

2. Oversized Plaid Shirt + White Shirt + Denim Shorts + Tote Bag

Whether you get yours from a thrift store, or your brother or beau's closet, an oversized polo will never fail you. It adds a semi-grungy, laidback feel to any look, which is perfect for those fuss-free days. We're definitely throwing this one on for our next errands run. 

3. Button-down Top + Denim Shorts + White Sneakers + Tote Bag

You're for sure going to catch at least one or two people wearing this exact ensemble whie walking down the street, and that's a good thing! Rightfully attributed to the Korean aesthetic, tucking in a loose button-down into denim shorts is the quintessential casual day look. Wear bright colored tops to really accentuate with the denim bottoms. 


4. Crop Top + Plaid Trousers + White Sneakers

This look is an easy one to throw on when you've just rolled out of bed, and that's because it feels just like wearing pajamas. You can play around and try on different colorways of plaid for your pants, since a black (or white) crop top will suit any of them. Complete the look with some chunky white sneakers.

5. Oversized Graphic Tee + Beige Trousers + Bucket Hat + Handbag

Tucking in a shirt into some pants is a no-brainer, but you can take it to the next level by wearing things in a singular color palette! Match your trousers with your accessories (in this case, a cute bucket hat) and you'll instantly look like you put more thought into your look.

6. Oversized Graphic Tee + Denim Jeans + Belt + Tote Bag

If you're not in the mood to slip into some trousers, team your baggy tees with jeans instead! Warm tones such as red, orange and yellow look great with medium wash denim, so look for tops in those colorways. 


7. Sweat Set + White Crop Top + Sneakers + Necklaces + Handbag

If your version of an ulzzang is more on tha Insta-baddie side of things, a sweat set and sneakers will fit the bill. Adorn the streetwear 'fit with some chained handbags, and you're ready to stomp around in style.

8. Off-Shoulder Top + Jeans

For those girls who prefer more dainty pieces in their ensembles, an off-shoulder top in light pastel shades is the way to go. Donning it with denim makes for a look that's chic, breezy and easy on the eyes. 

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