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Twitter Will Soon Be Troll Free

Be gone, haterz!
Twitter Will Soon Be Troll Free Be gone, haterz!


Sick and tired of all the bogus tweets popping up on your notifications? No longer will it be a problem to deal with troll accounts on Twitter. You no longer have to deal with fake accounts as it has been clear that Twitter has finally come up with feature to help prevent trolls ganging up on your feed. 

The micro-blogging social media website is taking a stand by trying to get rid of the all the pushy, annoying accounts out in cyberspace. The feature allows a user to share lists of blocked users. This has made blocking faster and more efficient.

Twitter has also recently developed a “quality filter” to get rid of sketchy tweets popping on your interactions tab.

So far the feature is only usable by verified accounts and the company has yet to redesign its algorithms to cater to the wider pool of “tweeters” online.

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