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Tweeter Behind @condeelevator Comes Out

Tweeter Behind @CondeElevator Comes Out
Tweeter Behind @condeelevator Comes Out Tweeter Behind @CondeElevator Comes Out

The humorous Twitter account, @CondeElevator shows us a picture of how life really happens at the Condé Nast office, where Allure, GQ, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Vogue, and WWD are stationed. 

It documents bits conversations overheard at the office elevator. Normally,  tweets center on unamountable to-do lists, coffee errands, and thin-is-in situations. The controversial account was put a to stop on August 2011 due to corporate threats, and after years of silence and mystery, the person behind it came out: former GQ Associate Editor, Lauren Bans.

She revealed her secret by tweeting, "Since we're all coming out now, I was @CondeElevator !"

Source: Fashionista

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