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Here's How to Wear Lace on Lace Like Tricia Gosingtian

We're loving this sweet and dainty OOTD!
Here's How to Wear Lace on Lace Like Tricia Gosingtian
We're loving this sweet and dainty OOTD!

There’s nothing like romantic lace to add a dainty, feminine flair to your summer OOTDs. While it’s easy to rock a one-piece ruffled dress or pair your frilled top with casual denim bottoms, the real zinger is wearing two lacy garments in one ensemble. If you’re looking to master the look, take notes from Tricia Gosingtian.


There may be a preconceived notion that wearing lace on lace would clash with one another, but Tricia proves the opposite with just the right styling. Making use of pieces from H&M’s Conscious Spring Collection, the blogger wore her laced tiered skirt with a romantic blouse rendered with frilled V-lined ruffles. The difference in symmetry between the two pieces worked to complement each other. Another important thing to note when taking your frills from head-to-toe is to make sure to keep your accessories to a minimum, like how Tricia kept things simple with a handbag and a pair of nude-strapped heels. After all, these delicate pieces are a statement on their own.

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