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A trio of jewelry designers goes futuristic for Firma.
Triad A trio of jewelry designers goes futuristic for Firma.

It's back to the future for Kristine Dee, Paul Syjuco, and Michelline Syjuco. This über creative set of jewelry designers each engaged in some serious cerebral time travelling to birth their futuristic collections for Firma. The ultramodern ornaments were unveiled at the Triad: An Approach to Futurism event, where each distinctly original piece spoke of the artists' will to experiment, and revealed their relentless dedication to use their imagination and creativity and keep on looking ahead.


Kristine Dee turned to the cosmos for her futuristic inspiration. Images of a parallel universe from films like "Star Wars Episode 2" and "Aeon Flux" served as motivation for this particular body of work- a romantic collection that takes on a whimsical play on geometric shapes.

What remains most striking about Kristine's fine jewelry pieces is that they each manage to straddle seemingly contrary concepts, resulting in a lovely balance of opposites: current yet timeless, edgy yet classic, delicate but powerful.

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Michelline's brand of gritty, grungy jewelry is truly matchless. Big and chunky, these wearable metal sculptures embedded with studs, spike, pearls, and stunning raw cut stones are not quite for the timid. Each oozes with bold personality and a thrilling sense of fantasy.

The warrior-like adornments were inspired by Michelline's take on futurism, an outlook that was more sword and sorcery than anything else. Movies like "Mad Max" and "Beast Master" were what moved this artist to envision and then give form to these ultra-unique designs.

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Ever the experimentalist, Paul Syjuco is not afraid to play. His well-thought-out designs are modern, organic, and downright clever. Sometimes sleek and minimalist, other times ornate and colorful, Paul's assortment of jewelry designs display the breadth of his artistry and showcases his aesthetic versatility.

Paul's Triad inspiration came from sci-fi flicks like “War of the Worlds”and “Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow”. He also channeled computers and their internal components for his pieces.

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-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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