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This Online Ukay-Ukay Sells the Prettiest Vintage-Style Puff-Sleeved Dresses

You'll want EVERYTHING.
This Online Ukay-Ukay Sells the Prettiest Vintage-Style Puff-Sleeved Dresses
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You'll want EVERYTHING.

If I could summarize my life in quarantine it would be eat, work, draw, and shopping online. Retail therapy has been a comforting past time for me amidst the pandemic—even simply window shopping (like endlessly adding items to my cart until it’s full) has some very relaxing effects. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s developed this almost obsessive shopping habit over the past few months. So if you’re looking for a new store to pore over, may I suggest looking up this dreamy thrift store on Instagram.


As an adamant ukay-ukay lover myself, their online counterparts offer just as much of a thrill like the in-store (dust, cowboy-music-and-all) experience. But if you’re the type to get overwhelmed with the amount of choices, online ukay-ukays who drop thematic collections, specialize in certain clothing categories or a singular aesthetic are the way to go. One shop whose feed will instantly suck you in is Trendency: an IG-based vintage store that curates and sells the prettiest puff-sleeved dresses.

In an exclusive interview with Preview, owner Lyza Molina shares how her shop came about and why her finds sell out within an hour.

When and how did you start Trendency? 

I started my shop on September 4, 2018 and its actually my 2nd year anniversary of being in business. Fashion is something that I'm passionate about. I just didn’t know where to start. I saw this series on Netflix called “Girl Boss” were she sold thrifted vintage dresses and became a most famous e-bay seller. It inspired me to be honest and I found a business I could be passionate about. That’s how my shop started. I couldn't be any happier that I did.

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What made you want to focus on only selling puff-sleeved dresses?

Celebrities made the style so trendy [so I decided to curate just puff-sleeved dresses]. And I'm also partially influenced by K-drama fashion.


When do you release new pieces?

I have new releases every Sunday, and my pieces sell out in less than an hour. It’s been crazy.

What's the size range you offer?

The typical sizes are small to medium, but if my customers request larger sizes in a particular design I make sure to look and provide it for them.


What's your price range?

Price starts at P650 to P1800.

Are there any best-selling styles?

Long puff-sleeved dresses with floral prints are tipped to be one of my best-selling styles.


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