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Trend on the Rise: Lampshading

Pants are dead.
Trend on the Rise: Lampshading Pants are dead.

As Leandra Medine once said, “Pants are dead.” And from the remains of the 70% off pile at your fave Swedish retailer comes a new street style trend that’s gotten the ladies (especially our petite sisters) opting to go pant-less. Enter “lampshading,” the 2016 version of the no-pants look.

Coined by the crafty folks at PopSugar, lampshading, simply put, is pairing thigh-high boots with an oversized sweater (worn as a dress, obvs) that hits right below your teeny-weeny butt, resembling the shape of a, well, lampshade. However, there are times when one would prefer to skip the lengthy footwear. (Can you stand wearing those in this heat? We can’t even.) It’s great for when you’re feeling a little chilly but still want to keep it sexy. Check out the celebs who have been spotted sporting this look:

 Kylie Jenner


Snip off bits of the neckline to give your sweater a slouchy look like Kylie's.

Kourtney Kardashian

Rummage through your dad's or brother's closet for an oversized beat-up sweater that's long enough to wear as a mirco-mini dress.

Charlotte Crosby


Peep-toe booties add an unexpected touch to this look.

Hailey Baldwin

Too hot to wear anything past your knee? Swap thigh-hugging boots for industrial-streath steeltoes in a pastel hue.

Charli XCX


Bring out your inner school girl by paring lace-ups with thigh-high socks.

Give it a try (chilly nights are up ahead, we heard) and holler back if anyone tells you you forgot to wear pants today.

Images from WENN Photo Database and @kyliejenner on Instagram