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5 Most Fashion Conscious NBA Players

We love the players. You love the game.
5 Most Fashion Conscious NBA Players We love the players. You love the game.

When ballers share our appreciation for Balenciagas and Louboutins, you know we got something going on right there. In light of the NBA finals (Congratulations to the Warriors!) we round up 5 of our favorite players that got the swag sauce drippin’ swagu.

1. Nick Young

They don’t call him Swaggy P for nothing. Iggy Azalea’s beau rolls up to the court in his Versus Versace denim jacket and Louis Vuitton gym bag before changing into his game time gear. He’s also an avid Saint Laurent collector with a closet full of jackets and kicks.

2. LeBron James

How can we not include the man responsible for producing the first ever NBA fashion show? (A.k.a. the baller's version of a Zoolander walk-off.) Sure, he might have had a lot of misses back in the day (eg. 2004’s notorious all-white draft-day outfit and 2007’s ode to MC Hammer) but he’s certainly learned to curb his style with his on point sneaker choices and strong shoefie game.


3. Russell Westbrook

One of the NBA’s more style-conscious players, Russell Westbrook, takes fashion seriously. Sure his outfits may sometime range from eek to chic but the 26-year-old Thunder point guard also happens to moonlight at True Religion as its campaign creative director. His publicist also claims that he’s known as the “Kate Moss of the NBA” in some fashion circles.

4. J.R. Smith

The winner of the first ever NBA All-Star All-Style Fashion Show pulled an all-nighter just to prep his look for his 60 seconds on the runway. Pre-styling much? He must have gotten that from all the NYFW shows he attends—Hood by Air, Public School, and John Elliot & Co.  

5. Dwyane Wade

Now there’s a man who knows how to suit up. At NBA press cons, he's always in specs, a sharp blazer and Gucci horsebit loafers. And who can forget his polka dot capris??

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