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A Petite Girl's Guide to Dressing Taller

There's nothing wrong with wanting to add a bit of height!
A Petite Girl's Guide to Dressing Taller
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There's nothing wrong with wanting to add a bit of height!

Dear petite girls, you've got to know that there's absolutely no shame in living on the shorter side of life. But there's no problem with wanting to look a little taller either, especially if it boosts your confidence level up a notch. After all, we're all about self-empowerment here! Below are a few tips to help you do just that and more.

1 . High-waisted jeans do the trick

High-waisted jeans are a petite girl's best friend. A high waist will give you a seemingly shorter torso while lengthening your legs, thus making you look taller than you really are. 


2. Try a cropped top

Cropped tops are a good, fashionable counter against our tropical weather. Exposing a little skin, especially when paired with your high-waisted jeans, allows for the illusion of added height.

3. Wear pointed shoes

No need for heels to add extra height. You can invest in a pair of pointed flats instead. Longer looking feet will equal to longer looking legs! Plus, they're more comfortable to walk around in for an anticipated tiring day out-and-about the town.

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4. A short hemline is key

Elongate your legs by wearing dresses or skirts that end just a few inches above your knees. Again, showing just a little bit of extra skin can go a long way!


5. Tuck in your shirt

Quick and comfortable, the T-shirt and jeans combo will never go out of style. To elevate your look further, and to elongate yourself as well, a mindless hack is to simply tuck in your T-shirt. This shortens the torso and adds length to your legs.

6. Go for skinny jeans or leggings

Wearing anything on your lower half that's too boxy or billowy will only make you look shorter. Leggings and skinny jeans, on the other hand, skim the shape of your legs, emphasizing them for a taller look. For your jeans, don't forget to roll them up and show off your ankles to make the illusion of longer gams.


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