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6 Tips to a Follow-Worthy Feed, Based on Laureen Uy's IG

She knows how to work any kind of lighting—even a lack thereof.
6 Tips to a Follow-Worthy Feed, Based on Laureen Uy's IG

Being one of Manila’s OG fashion bloggers (she started in 2010!), Laureen Uy is no doubt a content queen. From her stints at Fashion Weeks around the globe, her relatable ukay-ukay videos, to her enviable travel photos, she’s created the perfect mix of content that always leaves her followers wanting more. Once you see her well-curated Instagram page, you know she’s worth the follow. Below, we break down how you can have a follow-worthy feed too.

1. Frame your OOTDs with a tilted POV.

While scrolling through Laureen’s feed, you’ll notice that her photos have a dynamic quality to them, and that’s all thanks to a little camera trick. Instead of shooting your photos straight on, try tilting your phone to the side for a more interesting shot.

2. Update your followers regularly.

Set a schedule for your posts and stick to it. Post a few pictures at different times during the day throughout the week to figure out when your followers are most active (is it during their lunch break or right before bed?). Once you've done that, you can map out your week and schedule your content so your followers get to see all your posts and even know when to expect one from you.

3. Shoot at a low angle.

Do you want to look larger than life in your photos? Make sure your camera’s pointing up at you to help give the illusion of length. Tip: Photographers use this trick to help make their subjects seem more powerful, so pair this with your best power lewk.

4. Post a mix of candid and posed shots.

Posed photos are cool, but be sure to post a few candid ones as well. Not only do candid pics allow your followers to get a glimpse of the real you, they also give a more effortless quality to your feed.

5. Keep the lighting consistent.

Laureen’s feed looks eye-catching because her photos are bright, whether she’s in an enclosed space or the great outdoors. A well-lit photo brings out colors and textures, allowing us to see all the details—and this is precisely why Laureen has only a few shots in low-light settings.

6. Know how to take photos in low-light settings.

Like Laureen, you’ll also want to take low-light portraits for more drama. For clear, crisp, and vivid shots, make sure you’re well-equipped with a high-megapixel camera phone that also has a large sensor and aperture, like the OPPO F11 Pro. It’s got a 48-megapixel rear camera with a wide aperture at f1.79, so shooting in the Ultra Night Mode and the Dazzle Color Mode stays true to clarity and color. FYI, Laureen credits it for her #brilliantportrait in low light.

You’ll also enjoy the OPPO F11 Pro’s 16-megapixel hidden front cam and panoramic 6.5-inch display for your vivid selfies. And since you’ll be using the phone a lot for the camera and social media, it’s worth noting that it has a long battery life (15.5 hours on regular use) with its 4000 mAh battery. It can also do quick charges! It’s supported by OPPO’s signature VOOC Fast Charging technology, so going from zero to 100 just takes 80 minutes. Yup, you can stay connected and enjoy everything online with a device that doesn’t die on you fast and at the worst times.

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