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This Zara Coat Is So Popular It Even Has Its Own Instagram Page

They call it #thatcoat.
This Zara Coat Is So Popular It Even Has Its Own Instagram Page
They call it #thatcoat.

With our local selection of fast fashion brands constantly expanding, it's not much of a surprise anymore when we spot another person wearing a top that we also have in our closet. But, it's not often that a non-basic item ends up being worn by basically everyone in the same city. And that's exactly what happened with this coat in London.


Meet #thatcoat. It's this blue and white roundneck coat from Zara that looks oddly reminiscent of Chanel's tweed jackets. It started out as a normal, decent-selling coat until Londoner Alice Bray bought the coat for herself. When she kept seeing it worn by other people, Alice found it hilarious that everyone seemed to have the exact same item so she decided to document all the times that she spotted it. Hence, the birth of the Instagram account @thatcoat.

She and her sister Emily first started posting photos of their encounters with the coat for 200 followers, which then became 5,000 a few days later because of their witty captions and very frequent spottings. Soon, their followers began submitting their own run-ins with #thatcoat, making for a humorous collection of posts about the popular cover-up. Check out our favorites!

Why only share the tube when you can share a coat?


Look ma, it's on TV!

It works for wedding guest outfits too, apparently!

Working ladies have to have it!

We're guessing someone caught wind of its popularity and just left it here?

Everyone in London seems to have it. Now we think we need to get one, too! LOL.


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