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This Stylist Is Responsible for the Kardashians' Sartorial Game

Meet Monica Rose.
This Stylist Is Responsible for the Kardashians' Sartorial Game Meet Monica Rose.

Ever wondered how the likes of Kendall Jenner juggle tons of work while still rocking a serious wardrobe game? How does she even have the time to shop while hopping from one photo shoot to another? It's a simple answer, really—she doesn't!

The mastermind behind some of our favorite outfits in Hollywood is a name that might not immediately ring a bell but has proven to be one of the most low-key influential people in the fashion industry today. Meet Monica Rose.


A designer, businesswoman, and a mother of two, Monica has clients that top the list of this generation's celebrity fashion inspiration. From the Kardashian family to the Hadid sisters and the likes of Chrissy Teigen, it's almost impossible to browse through magazines or online fashion websites without coming across an outfit or two from this celebrity stylist.

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The start of her awesome career celebrity styling career was with Kim Kardashian for her first ever cover shoot for Complex magazine back in 2007. She didn't even know what a "show room" was at that time, but even without fashion internship experience, she continuously pursued a career in styling until she was able to put up her own studio and build a celebrity clientele.

Growing up in the '90s as a teenager, she gets inspiration from this era and has naturally picked up the choker trend earlier than most of us. Her signature aesthetic, monochromatic and minimalist outfits, include key pieces like long dramatic coats, leather and suede, cropped tops, and tailored dresses.


It might seem intimidating to dress up women who regularly grace the pages of magazines and are constantly scrutinized by fashion experts wherever they go. Not to mention, she is also a close friend to most of her clients. Monica, however, makes it a point to curate their wardrobe in a way that stays true to their individual identities. She puts together Kendall's signature model-off-duty look with crop tops, trench coats, and loose trousers; she made pencil skirts a thing for Kylie; and she helps Khloé accentuate her toned physique via body-hugging dresses, which the reality star likes best.


"I earn the trust of each of my clients, who in turn inspire me. I’ve seen them evolve as a public figure and as a brand, growing with their careers. I love that I can be a part of that." - Monica Rose

Keeping up with the Kardashians isn't just a television show for Monica Rose. It's her actual job—and she does it extremely well, TBH. 

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