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Make Terrariums, Lick Popsicles and Shop at This Singapore Pop-Up

Short attention span? This pop-up's a keeper.
Make Terrariums, Lick Popsicles and Shop at This Singapore Pop-Up Short attention span? This pop-up's a keeper.

SINGAPORE - Right across H&M Orchard is a a pop-up for those with short attention spans.

Inside this warmly lit glass enclave, shoppers don't just shop - they sip on popsicles and make terrariums with the vendors, if they so please.

Called KEEPERS: Signature Design Collective, the multi-disciplinary shop was founded by a jewelry designer, Carolyn Kan (her brand is called Carrie K), who invited independent artisans from fashion, furniture, architecture, food, and even home furnishings to show their wares.

"It started as a quarterly one day showcase at the Carrie K. Atelier where guests could meet 5 to 6 designers, artists and artisans and understand the process and stories behind the designs that are not mere products," said Kan, who holds the title of Executive Director of Keepers.

Over e-mail, she told us more about this gem of a Singapore shopping destination. 



They take store decor seriously. Here's their spring fling.

How many different designers are at Keepers? 

“We feature 20 resident and about 15 new guest designers every month. We decided it was important for us to grow not just awareness but appreciation and value for our local designers in our own home ground. The other key objective is that by being in one place, talent of different disciplines are able to share learnings and collaborate."

How did you pick them? 

“The designers not only have to have work that is well made and of international caliber, but their designs much be original reflecting a unique point of view.”

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Looks like the real thing huh? This is actually an acrylic and resin work of @keng_lye

Into gardeningA bit over two months ago, there was a Terrarium-building workshop led by one of their resident artisans.

Who do you see shopping at Keepers? 

“Keepers is for people who appreciate uniqueness. Keepers targets people who value quality over quantity. They span a range of ages but share the same value for discovery and meaningful stories.”


How are these stories shared?

"Keepers allows guests to meet with designers, artists and artisans at our monthly events. That way, they learn more about craftsmanship and hopefully value the work more. They also get to join our talks, workshops and showcases. Some are paid and some are free. Sometimes there are artisans in residence, so guests may learn how things are made."


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Keepers is located at Orchard Green, Singapore. Open daily from 11am to 10pm 

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Photos from @keeperssg on Instagram 

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