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This Online Shop Is the Perfect Place to Buy Tasseled Accessories

Welcome to Heyjow!
This Online Shop Is the Perfect Place to Buy Tasseled Accessories
Welcome to Heyjow!

Joana Ballesteros-Gube is beyond passionate about accessories, and that's perhaps the most magnetic thing about her label Heyjow. If you're looking for tasseled pieces and boho-glam jewelry that are anything but boring, you've come to the right door: below, we have a chat with Joana and talk trinkets made with love.


How did Heyjow start?

"Heyjow's story really began in my college days, nearly 15 years ago. I've always been in love with fashion, but as a college student, I didn't have the financial means to indulge in it. So I resorted to making my own fashion jewelry (as well as clothes). This love for fashion blossomed into a deep interest in jewelry-making.

"Ultimately, I was able to hone my jewelry designs to the point where I was encouraged to sell my creations in college fairs, bazaars, and to friends and family. My pieces used to always get a lot of compliments, and the encouragement I got from my initial clients compelled and motivated me to keep practicing and perfecting my jewelry-crafting skills.

"After many years and several career transitions, I decided it was a time to pursue a lifelong passion. I summoned the courage to take one of the biggest risks in my life and I put all of my savings and time into the creation of Heyjow. I found myself back in the world of jewelry design, as if it was my destiny all along.

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"Throughout the years, the Heyjow brand has been blessed with such amazing and lovely fans, clients, and supporters. I'm eternally grateful for their support, encouragement, and for allowing me to adorn them with my creations!"

Why the name Heyjow?

"It's actually my Twitter name. Friends call me Jo, short for Joana, and every time I'll meet with friends they would always call or greet me "Hey, Jow"! I thought "Heyjow" was catchy and could be easily remembered as a brand name."


Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

"I get my inspiration from my travels, particularly beaches and nature. I’m also inspired by people, moments, and things I experience every day."

Around how many designs are there per collection? 

"Each collection has about 40 to 50 pieces with each design having only one to three pieces. We make each piece in limited quantities, adding to each one’s uniqueness and desirability. We want to give our clients diverse and different looks when they wear my creations."


What's the best-selling piece so far?

"The best-selling pieces so far are my layering necklaces. I mix and match different elements such as metals, crystals and stones. It features distinct pieces and can also be worn individually. Each makes a subtle yet elegant statement. Layering allows you to mix-and-match your pieces depending on your mood, and the occasion. It is one of the most creative and expressive forms of accessorizing oneself.

"The tassel earrings are also selling well these days but I also make sure that I always have classic pieces that can cater to other types of women who aren't into the tassel trend."


How would you describe the brand's overall look?

"Definitely bohemian with a classic touch. My design philosophy is to create elegant and down-to-earth jewelry that can be used in all types of occasions. Innovation is a priority and we're always looking for ways to bring new designs and concepts to the market. I hope the pieces my clients get from Heyjow will always be a source of inspiration to reach their goals whether it’s good health, happiness, financial stability, or love."

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