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This is What a Fashion Girl Wears to Work

When it comes to style, they mean business.
This is What a Fashion Girl Wears to Work

Since when did corporate dressing become synonymous with bland, uninspired workwear? Every office has a resident fashion girl, and they often earn equal parts awe and ire for dressing a tad too fashionable for the daily grind. Truth is, no “fashionable” is too fashionable, especially when your Monday to Fridays should revolve around creating beautiful, inspired work (even if “work” means Excel sheets and pie charts) that will get you to #Girlboss status one day.

That said, the fashion girl’s secret to styling herself for work is not a secret at all: Dress for the job you want to have.

Years ago, we at Preview produced a multi-page feature called Preview Work, which featured actual power women who happened to be at the top of their style game as well. This March, we merge forces with Esquire magazine and Uniqlo to give readers a in-depth style workshop on the best colors, pieces and over-all looks to wear for work. Whether it’s through a lightweight structured blazer that doesn’t wrinkle (Perfect for mobile fieldwork!), a versatile camisole in chic colors (Changing looks from desk to drinks has never been so easy!), or a pair of flared gaucho pants that underscore comfort on a busy day, call it Preview’s best effort in making That Fashionable Girl at Work a norm, and not an exception.

Watch the video below to see what we mean.

Get a copy of the Preview x Esquire workwear supplement with every purchase of each magazine’s March issue. All looks are styled with UNIQLO, located in malls nationwide.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Uniqlo.