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This Is the OOTD Angle That's Taking Instagram By Storm

Tilt it, girl.
This Is the OOTD Angle That's Taking Instagram By Storm
Tilt it, girl.

We don't know about you, but we've been noticing this subtly spreading Instagram OOTD trend infiltrating our feeds, and we're all for it. You know those ancient digicam selfies we used to take back when mobile phones didn't even have cameras? They were always tilted to a pretty distinct angle, and that's because holding your arm out and keeping it straight was a near-impossible feat. (Also, we admit it made us feel cool.)

What goes around really does come around, folks, because we've done a complete 360or should we say 75? 50? Anyhow, IG style stars everywhere are pitching their looks sideways. Check it out!

Lean back, ladies. We're thinking the charm lies in the fact that there's something "candid" about a slanted snap: sort of like you "just happened" to be caught in an A+ outfit and someone "incidentally" took a photo. Quotation marks intentional.

Of course, not many things are really, truly uncontrived on the 'gram, but reaching is a favorite hobby of ours.

The verdict: yes and yes. Fashion should be fun, and we're ready to have a good time on the slopes!


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