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This Is the One Outfit You Should Never Wear to Your First Date

Straight from a real-life matchmaker!
This Is the One Outfit You Should Never Wear to Your First Date
Straight from a real-life matchmaker!

Putting together different outfits is undoubtedly fun. But when you're dressing for certain milestones in your life (like your first day back in school, your prom, or your first date with your crush), let's face it, dressing up can be pretty nerve-wracking, too.

Just like dressing up for your first day in college, dressing up for your first date is important because this is the perfect time for you to set the tone and make a great first impression. Who What Wear asked a real-life matchmaker in California for her take on what a girl should and shouldn't wear on a first date, and her answers are actually not surprising at all!

"You can look beautiful in jeans and a blouse at any age," Sherry Singer spilled, which we totally agree on as well! You can dress this no-fail style equation with a pair of sneaks and rugged denim jacket for a casual stroll in the mall, or you can dress it up with a pair of heels and a printed blazer for a dinner date.


As for the one outfit she thinks a girl should never wear on a first date? "Definitely not orange! It's distracting!" Instead, Sherry recommends choosing an outfit depending on your skin tone—brighter colors for girls with darker tones; and deeper hues for girls with fairer skin.

Although it's tempting to try on different outfits that are trendy and fashion-forward, always remember that it's just as important to dress comfortably and to choose an outfit that speaks volumes about who you are.

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