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This Department Store Brand Carries Legit Japanese Denim

It's none other than...
This Department Store Brand Carries Legit Japanese Denim It's none other than...

Natsuki skinny jeans, P1599.75

I’m a petite girl who loathes wearing jeans for the reason that buying a pair that fits well is like finding a needle in a haystack. They’re always, always too long, the fit on the waist is weird, plus I’m no Kim K. who is gifted with a powerful behind. Did I mention that I studied in Ateneo a.k.a the school whose ventilation errs on the side of, um, au naturel? Thick, heavy jeans and I were just not meant to be.

Tami low skinny jeans, P1399-P2099


I got my first pair of Bobson’s - a department store brand that I hadn't really taken notice of - and they completely changed my denim game. Japanese denim, a cult favorite among jeanheads, is incredibly soft. Marrying a sophisticated fabric with a pedestrian fit, the skinny pair hugged my legs perfectly. It was stretchy enough for me to move around, and for the first time ever, I didn’t need to have them altered! Perhaps the Asian brand understands that zero is in fact a size. Great for Filipinas. 

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Originating from Japan’s denim capital, Okayama, the label has been creating quality yet stylish jeans since 1969—that’s 54 amazing years of denim heritage. The brand takes after other Japanese arts, mimicking the preciseness of calligraphy and artistry of origami by marking each pair with their signature denim DNA. Read: 11 stitches per inch, hang loops, curve back risers, and left hand twill. Not bad for a Php1500-2000 pair (Japan-made jeans could retail for five times the price). Take it from the girl who would rather wear her itty-bitty shorts over a pair of jeans. This is a welcome intervention.

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