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This App Allows You to Create Your Own Emoji

Who says only Kim Kardashian can have her own emoji?
This App Allows You to Create Your Own Emoji Who says only Kim Kardashian can have her own emoji?

Picture this scenario: you just booked an Uber to your squad’s fave club, chose the perfect outfit for hours, and then finally decided on wearing your new slip dress (with a choker, natch!) only to receive a text from your bestie that the night’s been called off—just when you’ve just arrived at your destination! Feeling helpless, you then resort to crazily tapping on your phone to send her lots of sad, crying emojis. If only you could really show her how you feel. Well, thanks to Bitmoji, now you can.  

Bitmoji is a personal avatar app that’s bound to be your new obsession! Discover different expressions that are totally on point with your mood to get your message across. Hmm, just imagine those stickers on Facebook or Viber with quirky characters and funny quotes—only this one looks exactly like you. Another great thing about it is that you can use it in messaging apps and different social media platforms, so you can send your love (or hate) to anyone—anytime, anywhere. 


Here's how it works:

Once you launch the app, you’ll be asked to choose between the Bitmoji style or the Bitstrips style. Although the Bitstrips style has more customization options (making the avatar look accurately you!), I couldn’t help but choose the Bitmoji style after seeing how super cute it is. You can even choose your brows (they’re all on fleek), and the color of your blush and eyeshadow. The no-makeup look is achievable, too, FYI.

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Even the lipstick options are well-curated—from dark berry hue to a nice shade of nude for an au naturel look. Next, you’ll get to choose your chest size (let’s be honest here) and body shape. Then voila, you’ve got your avatar! 


Now here’s the part that fashion girls will be raving about: the outfits. Aside from the usual choices of sporty and casual wear, there are high fashion options for the more stylish avatar. The Bergdorf Goodman collection features outfits from Michael Kors, Rodarte, Zac Posen and DVF. Sounds like emoji heaven, if you ask us!


That’s not even the cherry on top yet! There’s also a W Magazine collection that includes options from big-ticket designers: Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs (look at that fur coat!), and Alexander McQueen. Want something simpler but still very sophisticated and sexy? Then maybe pick an outfit from the Steve Madden collection!


After choosing an outfit, the real fun begins. These are just some of the many personalized stickers available that you can send to your friends, and we’re sure you’ll find one for any and every situation.

Watch out for special emoji collections like Star Wars (the hype never ends), Disney, and even Game of Thrones.


Now, go ahead and install that Bitmoji app, stat! We sense your dancing girl emoji needs a little break. 

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