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All the Things You Need to Throw Away from Your Closet Now

Yes, now!
All the Things You Need to Throw Away from Your Closet Now Yes, now!

Can you feel it, can you feel it? The past few days have been rainy and you know what that means, right? It’s almost that sad time to bid summer adieu. While you make that transition of putting your pullovers and jackets at the front row of your wardrobe again, you should also use this opportunity to throw away pieces you just don’t need anymore. Besides, it’s almost time for that massive mid-year sale we all look forward to! Promise, you’ll feel so much better after.

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1. Underwear too old, even you are ashamed to wear.

Come on, just because you no one will see it doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep those bacon panties. Also, if your training bras are still in your drawer, there’s probably something living in them as we speak. Eww!

2. The dress with the price tag still intact.

It’s either you bought the piece on an impulse or it was a gift you didn’t really like, and now five years later it still has its price tag on. Honey, it doesn’t mean the right event hasn’t come your way yet, it’s been there for so long, you’re never going to use it. Just admit it already so someone else can enjoy it.


3. Pieces that are damaged beyond repair.

You love it so much, we get it, we have attachment issues with some of our beloved pieces, too. But what are you going to do? You’ve tried it all and the big fat stain just won’t budge and the slash is simply irreparable. Gotta let it go.

4. Clothes that don’t fit anymore.

You use it as a reminder of that time you were a size zero and as motivation to get back in shape. But you know what, as women grow older, we develop curves naturally. And it’s a beautiful thing you shouldn’t be ashamed of! If the piece you’re keeping is three sizes smaller or bigger, it’s time to part ways.

5. Your ex boyfriend’s jacket.

Oops. You may or may not have forgotten that you still have that jacket he once wrapped around you when you were freezing but if you’re doing some cleaning the chances are you’ll probably come across this piece again. Do the right thing and just let it go already. You wouldn’t want him to catch you wearing it now, would you? 

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What are you waiting for? Start cleaning, find those clothes a new home, and play Elsa’s song from Frozen while you’re at it.

Happy cleaning!

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