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These Superhero Chuck Taylors Will Save Your Feet

These Superhero Chuck Taylors Will Save Your Feet Take your pick from Wonder Woman, Batman, and more!

Obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with your crime fighting comic book faves? Then you’ll be stoked to know that Converse just collaborated with DC to produce four printastic pairs of Chuck Taylors worth adding to your collection. The limited-ed collection features illustrations of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League characters by certified DC artists Jim Lee, Jock, Andy Kubertand, and Kenneth Rocafort.

The question is, which hero would you want to save your sad kicks game?

Option 1: All Star Batman

Php 3,510.00 

My personal fave, the dark knight, Batman. British comic artist, Jock, produced two bold illustrations of Batman on both sides with the iconic bat logo printed on the tongue of the sneaker. Even the laces are studded with the logo in yellow. Cute! 

Option 2: All Star Superman


Php 3,510 

In the battle between Superman and Batman, there will always be those who prefer color over black. If you’re more for Superman’s red and blue, then Kenneth Rockfort’s illustration of the Man of Steel is for you with the iconic red and yellow S-Shield printed on the tongue of the sneaker. 

Option 3: All Star Wonder Woman

Php 3,510 

All for girl power? Then the white Wonder Woman sneaker is your match! Illustrated by the co-publisher of DC Entertainment, Jim Lee, this one has two different images of Wonder Woman on both sides with the logo printed on the tongue. Clean and easy to match with anything, for sure. 

Option 4: All Star Justice League

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Php 3,510.00 

One super hero is not enough for you? No problem, one of the four pairs is the Justice League crew with illustrations by Andy Kubert. It features the team of DC Comics Super Heroes on both sides with the logo on the tongue. This shoe comes with both white and black laces, by the way.

Now, we honestly want to see the villains next!

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