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5 Cool Pose Ideas for Taking OOTDs with Your Best Friend

5 Cool Pose Ideas for Taking OOTDs with Your Best Friend
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Because you guys are adorable.

We think it's pretty cute that you and your BFF are both fashion kids. There are upsides to being a style-savvy pair, after all: you're each other's default photographers, each other's outfit consultants, and each other's #1 hypewomen. We're here for that sheer power.

Also, it definitely doesn't hurt that your looks always ensure you team well in snaps, regardless of personal tastes! Below, we give you five examples on how to pose together for some real deal double trouble.

1. Go for the cool spotted-in-a-crowd effect! Whether it's genuinely candid or not, it'll make for a textured, interesting square on the 'gram.

2. Sure, there's always the walking shot option, but step the game up by carrying umbrellas in sleek neutral hues. Yes, they're totally plausible accessories, and that's reason enough for you to invest in a quality version.


3. If you're going to sit, make sure you guys still draw attention to the most important details of your outfits: in this case, Irene Kim and Yoyo Cao show off their wide-leg hems to perfection.

4. Okay, it might sound kind of cheesy, but consider this: if all your looks are on point, then no one's going to care that you totally just did a campy ol' turnaround shot. Real friends do dumb things together, they say!

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5. Play with dynamicssomeone sits while the other stands, for example. Also, a side-tilted angle is one OOTD trend we're ready to get with!

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