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These Pants Promise to Make Life Easier for Catheter Wearers

And improve their quality of life, too.
These Pants Promise to Make Life Easier for Catheter Wearers And improve their quality of life, too.

Imagine having to go about your daily life with a bag of urine strapped to your leg. Imagine how uncomfortable you'd be, not only because you have a bag of sloshing liquid attached to you, but because everyone is staring, wondering what you did to deserve it. 

This painful scenario is the reality attached to wearing a catheter, a device that is inserted into the urethra for urine drainage. Because patients can't expell the liquid on their own, the urine drains into a bag that remains visible for everyone to see. Not only does this illicit prying eyes and disgust, it takes a toll on the patient's quality of life, too. 

Pete Pineda has been wearing a catheter for four years now. He avoids going out, prefering to hide at home than to expose himself to social situations. He retells one story, wherein he and his son planned an out of town trip and took the bus. During the trip, his urine bags filled up quickly, resulting in spillage and a very embarrasing situation. 

His father enlisted Dennis Lustico to come up with a solution. Using his nurse background, he came up with the On-the-Go pants, a pair of cargo pants that allow its user to hide the urine bags, anchors the catheter tubes to prevent tangling, and supports the mechanism for comfort. 


Dennis Lustico's On-the-Go pants conceal the urine bags in the cargo pockets and allow for easy draining, too.

Watch Pete's story here:  

The pants are available through Lustico Apparel and are sold for P800. Call 846-0015 or (0926) 756-0494 for inquiries. 

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