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Celebrity Instagram Secrets

Want to look lovely on IG? Find out what apps Nadine Lustre, Tricia Gosingtian, Liz Uy and more like to use.
Celebrity Instagram Secrets Want to look lovely on IG? Find out what apps Nadine Lustre, Tricia Gosingtian, Liz Uy and more like to use.

You've spent countless hours you can never take back lurking on their Instagram accounts, marvelling at their lust-worthy grids and photos that launch a thousand double taps—finally, these celebs speak up on the secrets to being Instagram famous.

Nadine Lustre

"Its all about color coordination. All the photos have to have one common color."


Jessica Connelly

"My number one tip is have a boyfriend with an eye for photography so you can steal the great pictures he takes of you, but if you just have yourself and your phone, have good lighting, never over filter and keep your pictures aligned/centered, so overall your feed stays clean."



Sam Richelle

"When taking photos I normally like to have a good balance between the positive and negative space. I rarely take a photo of the subject itself, I like to capture its surroundings no matter what or where it is. I feel it gives the photo more meaning and a story. It also helps if you have great filter apps to play with and to support the mood of the photo."


Bianca Gonzalez

"Natural light is always, always the best kind of light. Especially the hours before noon, and sunset."


Martine Cajucom

"Mind the lighting, sharpness and ditch all bad filtering options!"



Patty Laurel-Filart

"Natural light will always be your best friend when it comes to taking photos. We are so lucky to live in a country that's bathed with a lot of sunlight, so take advantage of the sun when snapping photos! You can make tiny adjustments even indoors—sitting near a window, opening the blinds/curtains, or cracking the door open just to usher in soft natural light."


Tricia Gosingtian

"I edit my photos using VSCOcam, rebelsauce, and Afterlight! Personally, I think these apps have the nicest, most natural-looking filters."



Patti Grandidge

"Taking photos in natural light makes for the best posts, and so does color. Try to see the shot as an IG square already—that helps!"


Tricia Centenera

"I try to keep it as real as possible. I'm not one for editing much but I am a fan of saturating my pics with color. Always remember to be true to your own style!"


Liz Uy

"Choose one filter and stick to it."



Kara Gozali

"It's all about the lighting of the surroundings, the sharpness of the focus and the perspective from which it was taken from. Feel free to use VSCOcam and the updated Instagram editing tools, too."