Kate Spade's New Bags Are As Sweet As Candies, Minus the Calories StyleBible Preview
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Kate Spade's New Bags Are As Sweet As Candies, Minus the Calories

Candy crushin' on Kate Spade's candy clutch, red velvet slice, milk carton bag.
Kate Spade's New Bags Are As Sweet As Candies, Minus the Calories

If you find yourself craving with a sweet tooth, look no further; these accessories are as sweet as they come! Kate Spade brought to life a picking of sugary confections, among others that have caught our eye. Looking for an easy way to wear them? Pair it with a structured, minimalist outfit and let the irony set you apart. Or go the saccharine route, and wear it with a touch of quirky luxe, much like how they styled it for the lookbook.

Want to know more about the collection? It was inspired by childhood bedtime stories. As part of the beloved brand's yearlong proposition to escape the ordinary, Kate Spade looked to our favorite fairy tales. Yes, this is your chance to dress like a princess—or a Roald Dahl heroine, if you prefer—fashionably rather than comically. So let yourself dream of the mod dresses and smart blouses that have been reinterpreted with foxy prints, furs, and plaids that allude to Little Red’s triumph over the Big Bad Wolf, and whimsical clutches that are as sweet as candy—or perhaps of how many Insta-hearts you'll score while you're at it? Fashion, after all, is fantasy.

Here’s a peek at this Fall 2015's tastiest fashion treats. 

Magnolia Bakery Slice of Cake Bag

Do Wonders Candy Wrapper Clutch

Creme de la Creme Strawberry Clutch

Creme de la Creme Milk Container Crossbody

Creme de la Creme Chocolate Box Clutch

Blaze a Trail Fox Clutch

Into the Woods Fox Wrap Ring


Blaze a Trail Fabeld Forest Mock Neck Dress


Blaze a Trail Gnome Clutch

Blaze a Trail Plaid Poncho

Love sweets? Check out the Kate Spade website

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