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27 Preview-Approved Tips on Dressing Up for Events

27 Preview-Approved Tips on Dressing Up for Events
IMAGE Roy Macam
Nuggets of wisdom!

All hail the belles of the ball! We round up four of Manila's most stylish girls and get them to spill their tips and tricks for no-fail party dressing.


IMAGE Roy Macam

Pristine and polished to a T, famed dermatologist Aivee Aguilar-Teo proves that there is far more to her wardrobe than just white doctor's coats. She says...

1. Dresses for formal occasions should exude a balance of grace and sophistication, with a small hint of sexiness.

2. Choosing the right pair of shoes, especially for long dresses, is often neglected. Always consider the right shoe for the outfit.

3. Be very mindful of your accessories. Sometimes, simple diamond studs may appear more elegant than, let's say, chandelier earrings, especially if your dress is already elaborate.

4. Design is one thing, but the cut of the dress is what will truly matter.

5. Though solid, dark colors are easier to carry for formal occasions, prints are also doable, especially if done in a flattering silhouette with impeccable cuts.


6. Black is foolproof. If it's a fashion emergency , you can never go wrong with black.


IMAGE Roy Macam

Joanique jewelry designer Malou Romero is the epitome of sensible style. Impeccably fuss-free, she lets us in on her formula for timeless, versatile chic. She says...

1. Don't overanalyze what you want to wear. Sometimes stress will ruin everything.

2. Know your assests. Show them, but don't be too revealing.

3. Sometimes it's better to "accidentally" show skinit's even more sexy.

4. Be confident.

5. Don't overdo the accessories! One statement piece may already be enough.

6. Always wear the right undergarments. Invest in good ones.

7. Just be yourself.


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IMAGE Roy Macam

Blogger and fashion designer Camille Co knows that balance is key. With so much up her sleeve, she shows us that desk-to-drinks transitional dressing can be a breeze. She says...

1. Do look respectable. You may be at an event but you're still with colleagues and potential clients so don't reveal too much skin. Hemlines must not be higher than a few inches above the knee and necklines must not be too low.

2. Do stick to clean and streamlined silhouettes. This is the best way to achieve that classy and feminine look.

3. Do dress to impress but don't overdo it. Work events are usually more conservative; dress modestly and go easy on the curls and smokey makeup.

4. Do follow the dress code or theme. This is the best way to show team spirit!

5. Do wear fashionable but comfortable shoes. Stilettos are usually the best choice, but make sure you can easily stand and walk in them for hours. You'll be mingling with plenty of people.

6. Don't just stick to black and white, but don't go crazy with bold colors and prints either. You shouldn't be wearing anything too distracting. There are plenty of other fun colors that you can wear, like pastels or jewel tones.

7. Don't ever bring your work bag to an event. It's big, bulky, and probably a hassle to lug around with you the entire night.



IMAGE Roy Macam

A regular fixture in the party circuit, blogger and host Dane Gonzalez teaches us a thing or two about club chic and the right way to do sexy. She says...

1. Don't be a trend-whore.

2. Never leave the house in an outfit that you're not comfortable in.

3. Quality over quantity.

4. Be inspired, but original.

5. You don't have to be basic when wearing basics.

6. Invent and reinvent yourself.

7. Set a trend.

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