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These 2 Young Stylists Are Starting To Look Like Their Mentor

Call it the Pam Q. effect.
These 2 Young Stylists Are Starting To Look Like Their Mentor Call it the Pam Q. effect.

Blunt cuts are a team Pam Q staple

Remember that pivotal scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Andy Sachs realized she was slowly becoming her boss, Miranda Priestly, Editor-in-Chief of the fictional fashion bible Runway? It’s not like Andy actually wanted to become Satan's stylish spawn. But by constant exposure, Miranda’s influence just seeped into her pores. She internalized her styles and tastes so much that she found herself mirroring and even becoming a mini version of her boss.

Such is the case with Cath Sobrevega and Maita Baello who wouldn’t be the stylists that they are today if not for their mentor Pam Quinones. In the past four years that they’ve been working together, we can’t help but see a bit of Pam in both Cath and Maita. The blunt lob, the hubadera fashion—we call it the Pam Q. effect. Style Bible chats up the two mentees to ask how strong Pam’s influence is on them.



Maita, Cath, and Pam at the Vogue Fashion Festival in London with draped jackets and pointed pumps in tow.

Do you remember what your style was like before you started working with Pam?

Maita: When I was younger I was more playful with colors and prints. I've always been feminine in the way I dress. 

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Cath: When I was in college there was no dress code in DLSU. My style was very chill and laid back. I guess that was also the influence of growing up in the province [Bacolod]. I used to wear a lot of shorts too.

How would you describe your style now?

M: My style now is more laidback and classic. I focus on investment pieces. 


C:   I like men’s pieces mixed with something sexy. My wardrobe essentials consist of loose trousers, button-downs, boyfriend jeans, jackets, coats, thin strapped tops.  

What is it about Pam’s style that you like?

M: She is just so effortless and carries herself well. 

C: Pam knows fashion and she has a genuine understanding of her body. She knows what she likes and what works for her. As a stylist I think that's very important. Fashion is more than just the clothes.


Is there anything in particular that you feel like you adapted from her style?

M: I've learned a lot from Pam but if there's anything that I really picked up, it's to have my own personal style that reflects my character.

C: It's the confidence. Pam always looks impeccably dressed and I think that really comes from her personality. I think more than anything you have to be yourself and be confident with what you're wearing. “Style” is a just a result of that.  

M: I learned to show some skin. [Laughs]

Was it a conscious decision to adapt this thing or did you just notice later on?

M: I don't think it was a conscious decision. 

C: I noticed that later on. I think that's inevitable when you work with someone, especially with such a strong and distinct personality. We were bound to be influenced by her in one way or another. 


How did you get here?

M: My friend told me that Pam tweeted that she was looking for an assistant and I sent my CV right away.

C: My friend told me about Pam's tweet that they are looking for assistants. I just sent my resume, and got a text message from Pam after two weeks to pick up a gown for Ruffa (Gutierrez) and to meet her at Maxims hotel for an event. That served as my interview. 

What were you doing before this job?

M: My first job was in publishing. I was handling marketing and sales.

C: This is my first job. I was fresh out of college when I landed in team Pam Q. 

How would you style a pair of neon orange Crocs?

M: Probably with denim daisy dukes and a hot bikini.


C: If I were to wear neon orange Crocs, I would probably be in an all-white ensemble. White sweater and a white skater skirt, nothing busy.


Photos from @cathsobrevega, @maitabaello, @pamquinones on Instagram and Net-a-Porter

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