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5 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Shoes

Spot overusing your favorite pair!
5 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Shoes Spot overusing your favorite pair!

1. You overuse them.

Everyone has their own favorite pair, but if you wear (abuse) them every single day, they will deteriorate faster. It's best to keep at least three pairs of shoes on rotation to avoid extreme wear and tear.

2. You neglect them.

Over-wearing is a sin, but totally neglecting them is a bigger mistake. Your shoes need to breathe, so take them out for a walk every once in a while and avoid storing them in plastic bags. It's also a good practice to apply leather conditioner on your shoes every week to prevent the leather from cracking.


3. You do not protect them.

When we get new footwear, we get excited and slip them on immediately without protecting them. Spritz waterproof spray on canvas, leather, and suede to prevent water stains and weakening of the exterior.

4. You don't clean them prior to storage.

Accumulated dirt weakens the material of your footwear. Remove dirt on suede by rubbing it with a nail file or dry and stale bread. Take care of your leather shoes by spot cleaning them with mild laundry detergent using damp cloth.

5. You machine wash your sneakers. Your kicks, no matter how filthy they get, should never be dumped in the washing machine. Doing so degrades their quality and reduces the strength of the glue that binds the whole shoe. Here's a more in-depth guide to caring for your beloved sneakers.

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